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Intact Stability Code 2008 Decisions and Interpretations
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Decisions and interpretations

Intact Stability Code 2008


1 Use of pendulums and/or inclinometers

Intact Stability Code 2008

Use of pendulums and/or inclinometers
When performing the inclining test according to the IS-code 2008 the position of NSI is as follows.

The angle of list shall be measured by preferably three, but not less than two pendulums.
In lieu of one of these pendulums another instrument may be used, such as an inclinometer or a U-tube.
Pendulums, U-tubes and inclinometers shall be used in conformity with Annex 1 of the IS-code (Detailed guidance for the conduct of an inclining test).

In the IS-code Part B, there is some further guidance on this matter:
“ The use of three pendulums is recommended but a minimum of two should be used to allow identification of bad readings at any one pendulum station. They should each be located in an area protected from the wind. One or more pendulums may be substituted by other measuring devices (U-tubes or inclinometers) at the discretion of the Administration. Alternative measuring devices should not be used to reduce the minimum inclining angles recommended in
The use of an inclinometer or U-tube should be considered in each separate case. It is recommended that inclinometers or other measuring devices only be used in conjunction with at least one pendulum.”

If however the RO has the opinion that angles can be measured by use of inclinometers alone, NSI is willing to reconsider this position. In that case the RO is to present a sound proposal to demonstrate that the inclinometers in question are sufficiently reliable and will give a result that is at least as accurate as pendulums.
Part B of the IS-code 2008, Annex I, par. 2.6 gives minimal requirements for such an instrument. NSI is not aware of more detailed performance standards for such instruments.
Although it is not written for inclinometers, the essential requirements as mentioned in Annex I of EU Directive 2004/22/EU on measuring instruments could serve as a guideline.

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