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Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate


You are visiting the webiste containing the Netherlands Regulatory Framework (NeRF) - Maritime of the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate. NeRF is the successor of EasyRules. For further information on the regulatory framework, please read the document  Explanation Regulatory Framework.


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How to use NeRF-Maritime

For an online manual, click here (Dutch).

NeRF is currently being updated since EasyRules was terminated in 2014. This may cause some missing or outdated documents (especially within the IMO sections). Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Furthermore, due to capacity reasons, NSI will not consolidate any amendments to the international instruments anymore as per 01 July 2015. Amendments are published and searchable and will have a reference to the source document which is visible in the 'relations' section of the document (both source and amending document).