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MSC.1/Circ.1425 - UI of SOLAS regulations II-1/29.3 and 29.4
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Annex - Unified Interpretation concerning the steering gear test with the ship not at the deepest seagoning draught (SOLAS Regulations II-1/29.3 AND 29.4)

SOLAS regulations II-1/29.3 and 29.4

  1. In order for ships to comply with the performance requirements stated in SOLAS regulations II-1/29.3.2 and 29.4.2, they should have steering gear capable of meeting these performance requirements when at their deepest seagoing draught. In order to demonstrate this ability, the trials may be conducted in accordance with section of ISO 19019:2005 (Seagoing vessels and marine technology – Instructions for planning, carrying out and reporting sea trials).

  2. On all occasions when trials are conducted with the ship not at the deepest seagoing draught, the loading condition can be accepted on the conditions that either the rudder is fully submerged (at zero speed waterline) and the ship is in an acceptable trim condition, or the rudder load and torque at the trial loading condition have been reliably predicted and extrapolated to the full load condition, to the satisfaction of the Administration or recognized organization.

  3. In any case, for the main steering gear trial, the speed of the ship corresponding to the number of maximum continuous revolution of main engine and maximum design pitch applies.
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