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1285 Unified interpretation of SOLAS regulation III/16.1
Geldigheid:11-12-2008 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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Unified interpretation of SOLAS regulation III/16.1

  1. The Maritime Safety Committee, at its eighty-fifth session (26 November to 5 December 2008), with a view to providing guidance regarding the  means  to  be  provided  to  allow  controlled descent/safe access (e.g., via an embarkation ladder) of persons into liferafts on ships that are not required  to  have  launching  and  embarkation  appliances  under  SOLAS  regulation  III/16.1 (e.g., cargo  ships  with  a  length  less  than  85 m),  approved  an  interpretation  of  SOLAS regulation III/16.1, as set out in the annex.

  2. Member Governments  are  invited  to  use  the  annexed  unified  interpretation  as  guidance when  applying  relevant  provisions of SOLAS chapter  III  and  to  bring  it  to  the  attention  of  all parties concerned.


Regulation III/16.1

Regulation III/16.1 - Survival craft launching and recovery arrangements
Ships  as  defined  in  SOLAS  regulation  III/31.1.3  which  are  fitted  with  non-davit  launched liferafts as per SOLAS regulation III/16.1 should be provided with an embarkation ladder at each side of the ship.
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