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MSC.1/Circ.1243 - Unified interpretation of SOLAS Chapter III
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Unified interpretation of SOLAS Chapter III

  1. The Maritime Safety Committee, at its eighty-third session (3 to 12 October 2007), approved a unified interpretation of the provisions of SOLAS chapter III, as set out in the annex, following the recommendations made by the Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Equipment at its fiftieth session, with a view to ensuring a uniform approach towards the application of SOLAS regulation III/31.1.4 concerning arrangements for remotely located survival craft.

  2. Member Governments are invited to use the annexed interpretation when applying the relevant provisions of SOLAS chapter III and to bring it to the attention of all parties concerned.


Regulation III/31.1.4

Liferafts, if located at the aft/forward end of the ship and at a distance of more than 100 m from
the closest survival craft, as required by SOLAS regulation III/31.1.4, should be regarded as
“remotely located survival craft” with regard to SOLAS regulation III/

The area where these remotely located survival craft are stowed should be provided with:

  1. a minimum number of 2 lifejackets and 2 immersion suits;

  2. adequate means of illumination complying with SOLAS regulation III/16.7, either fixed or portable, which should be capable of illuminating the liferaft stowage position as well as the area of water into which the liferaft should be launched. Portable lights, when used, should have brackets to permit their positioning on both sides of the ship; and

  3. an embarkation ladder or other means of embarkation enabling descent to the water in a controlled manner in accordance with SOLAS regulation III/11.7.
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