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1208 - Promoting And Verifying Continued Familiarization Of Gmdss Operators On Board Ships
Geldigheid:22-05-2006 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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Ref. T2-HES/4.2                                                                                                     MSC.1/Circ.1208

22 May 2006



1          The  Maritime  Safety  Committee,  at  its  eighty-first  session  (10  to  19  May  2006), following the proposals made by theSub-Committee on Standards of Training and Watchkeeping atitsthirty-seventhsession,approvedtherecommendationsconcerningpromotingandverifying continued familiarizationofGMDSS operators onboard ships,set out in the attached annex.


2          MemberGovernmentsareinvitedtobringtheannexedrecommendationstotheattention of all parties concerned for consideration and action, as appropriate.








1          There  has  been  concern  that  many  GMDSS  operators  on  board  ships  have  a  lack  of familiarization   regarding   operational   performance   during   Distress,   Urgency   and   Safety communications,aswellaswithsimpletechnicalelements,whichisvitalforthesafetyoflife

at sea.


2          Takingintoaccounttheaboveconcerns, it is recommended that:


.1         theship'ssafetymanagementsystemshouldprovideforallpersonnelwhomaybe required   to   operate   the   GMDSS   equipment   to   receive   familiarization   and ship-specific training, on joining the ship, and at appropriate intervals thereafter;


.2         familiarization,  drills  and  onboard  training  of  the  GMDSS  equipment  should allow GMDSS operators to demonstrate their familiarization at any time;


.3         suchfamiliarizationshouldbeverifiedduringflagStateinspectionsorportState control; and


.4         ifsuchverificationturnsouttobenegative,theCompanyshouldtakeappropriate measures according to the flag State Administration requirements.

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