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1128 - List Of Products That Have Been Omitted From Either Chapter 17 Or 18 Of The Ibc Code Due To Missing Safety Data, Pollution Data Or Both
Geldigheid:13-12-2004 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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Ref.  T4/7.01                                                                                                              MSC/Circ.1128

T5/1.01                                                                                                             MEPC/Circ.423

13 December 2004


1          The     Marine     Environment       Protection     Committee,      at     its     forty-ninth      session (14  to  18  July  2003)  and  the  Maritime  Safety  Committee,  at  its  seventy-eighth  session (12  to  21  May  2004)  agreed  that  products  lacking  essential  data  will  not  be  included  in  the amendmentstotheIBCCode,adoptedbyMEPC.119(52)andMSC.176(79),whichareexpected to enter into force on 1 January 2007.


2          The  essential  data  needed  to  assign  Pollution  Category  and  Ship  Type  based  on  the revisedGESAMPHazardProfileareA1(aquaticbioaccumulation),B1(acuteaquatictoxicity), E2  (physical  effects  on  wildlife  and  benthic  habitats),  C1  (mammalian  acute  oral  toxicity),

C2 (mammalian   acute   dermal   toxicity)   and   C3   (mammalian   acute   inhalation   toxicity). Information  on  A2  (aquatic  biodegradation),  B2  (chronic  aquatic  toxicity)  and  D3  (long-term human health effects) would also greatly assist the process.


3          The     Marine     Environment      Protection     Committee,      at    its     fifty-second      session (11  to  15  October  2004)  and  the  Maritime  Safety  Committee,  at  its  seventy-ninth  session (1to10December2004),agreedtojointlycirculatethelistofproductswithmissingdata,as containedintheannextothiscircular,togiveindustrytheopportunitytoprovidemissingdatato theGESAMP/EHSWorkingGroupforevaluationandtoallowforsubsequentinclusionofthe productsin List1oftheMEPC.2Circular prior to the entry intoforce of the revised IBC Code.


4          In  order  to  allow  sufficient  time  for  evaluation  by  the  GESAMP/EHS  Working  Group and,wherenecessary,discussionbytheBLGSub-Committeeand/orESPHWorkingGroup,the data   should   be  sent  to  the Secretariatof  the GESAMP/EHS   Working   Group1     by

31 December 2005at the latest.


5          Information  on  the  “Revised GESAMP  Hazard  Evaluation  Procedure  for  Chemical Substances   Carried   by   Ships”   can   be   found   in   GESAMP   Reports   and   Studies   No.   64 (http://gesamp.imo.org/publicat.htm).


6          Member  Governments  and  NGOs  are  urged  to  bring  this  circular  and  in  particular  the attached annex to the attention of the chemical industry and other parties concerned.





1                       The TechnicalSecretaryofGESAMP/EHS Working Group

InternationalMaritime Organization (IMO)

4 Albert Embankment LondonSEl7SR United Kingdom


Products With Missing Data













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