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1167 - Functional Requirements And Performance Standards For The Assessment Of Evacuation Guidance Systems
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Ref. T4/4.01                                                                                                               MSC/Circ.1167

1 June 2005



1          TheMaritimeSafetyCommittee,atitsseventy-fifthsession(15to24May2002)recognized the need for the development of guidelines on the assessment of evacuation guidance systems.


2          TheCommittee,atitseightiethsession(11to20May2005),havingconsideredaproposalby theforty-ninthsessionoftheSub-CommitteeonFireProtection,approvedtheGuidelinesonthe assessment of evacuation guidance systems, set out in the annex.


3          MemberGovernmentsareinvitedtobringtheannexedGuidelinestotheattentionofship designers,  shipowners,  ship  operators,  shipbuilders  and  other  parties  involved  in  the  design, construction, testing, approval and maintenance of evacuation guidance systems.







1 Purpose

The purpose of this guidance is to provide functional requirements and performance standards applicable to all evacuation guidance systems.

2 Functional Requirements

2.1       Thesystemsshouldreadilyidentifytheroutesofescapewhenthenormalemergencylighting is less effective due to smoke.


2.2       The systems should be such that, in case one exitmaynotbeused,personsarestillableto easily find their way towards another exit.


2.3       Systemsrelyingonexternalpowersources,includingthosethatareautomaticallyactivated orcontinuouslyoperating,shouldbecapableofbeingmanuallyactivatedbyasingleactionfroma continuously manned central control station.


2.4       Electricallypoweredsystemsshouldbeconnectedtotheemergencyswitchboardrequiredby regulationII-1/42ofthe1974SOLASConvention,asamended,soastobepoweredbythemain source  of  electrical  power  under  normal  circumstances  and  also  by  the  emergency  source  of electrical power when the latter is in operation.


2.5       Allelectricallypoweredsystemsshouldbearrangedsothatthefailureofanysingledevice, or battery will not result in the systembeing ineffective.


2.6       Thesystemsshouldnotpreventeffectivecommunicationbetweenthefire-fightingparties and the continuously manned control station.


2.7       Theperformancesofthesystemsshouldnotbeimpededbythesimultaneousfunctioningof any   other   systems,   expected   to   be   used   in   normal   or   under   emergency   conditions (e.g. public address systems, emergency lighting systems, etc.).

3 Performance Standards

3.1 Electrically powered systems should meet the requirements for vibration and electromagnetic interference in accordance with IEC 60945.

3.2 Electrically powered systems should provide a minimum degree of ingress protection of at least IP 55 in accordance with IEC 60520.

3.3 The systems should be tested, approved and maintained in accordance with guidelines acceptable to the Administration.

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