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1170 - Application Of Solas Regulation ii-2/15 For Lubricating Oil And Other Flammable Oil Arrangements For Ships Built Before 1 July 1998
Geldigheid:15-06-2005 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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Ref. T4/4.01                                                                                                               MSC/Circ.1170

15 June 2005



1          TheMaritimeSafetyCommittee,atitseightiethsession(11to20May2005),recalledthat,at its  sixty-third  session,  it  had  adopted,  by  resolution  MSC.31(63),  amendments  to  SOLAS regulation II-2/15,  prescribing  additional  requirements  to  oil  fuel  arrangements,  lubricating  oil arrangements  and  arrangements  for  other  flammable  oils  as  well  as  the  application  of  these requirements.  The amendments entered into force on 1 July 1998.


2          TheamendmentstoSOLASregulationII-2/15,inparticulartherequirementsforoilfuel systems,  applied  to  all  ships  constructed  before,  on  or  after  1 July 1998  because  the  above amendmentsstipulatedtodoso.  However,theCommitteeagreedthattheamendmentstoSOLAS regulationsII-2/15.3andII-2/15.4werenotintendedto apply to existing ships constructed before 1 July   1998.      The   Committee,   therefore,   clarified   that   paragraphs   3   and   4   of   SOLAS regulationII2/15,intermsofcompliancewiththeprovisionsofparagraphs2.10and2.11ofSOLAS regulation II-2/15, should only be applied to ships constructed on or after 1 July 1998.


3          TheCommitteenotingthatanamendmenttoSOLASregulationII-2/15hadbeenconsidered by  the  Sub-Committee  on  Fire  Protection  with  a  view  to  clarifying  the  application  of  the aforementioned  provisions,  approved  the  attached  draft  amendment  with  a  view  to  subsequent adoption at MSC 81.


4          MemberGovernmentsareinvitedtobringtheaboveinformationtotheattentionofallparties concerned.






Annex Draft Amendments To Solas Regulation Ii-2/15






Regulation II-2/15 - Arrangements for oil fuel, lubricating oil and other flammable oils


AnamendmentNo.1toregulation II-2/15,asadoptedbyresolutionMSC.31(63),isreplacedbythe following text:


1         The text after the title is replaced by the following:


“(Paragraphs2.9to2.12ofthisregulationapplytoshipsconstructedonorafter 1  February  1992,  except  that  the  references  to  paragraphs  2.10  and  2.11  in paragraphs 3 and 4 apply to ships constructed on or after 1 July 1998)”.

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