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1151 - REVISED List of certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships
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Revised list of certificates and documents required to be carried on board


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Document MSC/Circ.1151
Supersedes MSC/Circ.946
Revised by MSC.1/Circ.1409





  1. The Facilitation Committee, at its nineteenth session, developed a list of certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships together with a brief description of the purpose of the certificates and other relevant documents. This work was carried out in connection with the provisions of section 2 of the annex to the FAL Convention concerning formalities required of shipowners by public authorities on the arrival, stay and departure of ships. The Facilitation Committee considered that these provisions should not be read as precluding a requirement for the presentation for inspection by the appropriate authorities of certificates and other documents carried by the ship pertaining to its registry, measurement, safety, manning, classification and other related matters.

  2. The list, as approved by the Maritime Safety Committee, the Facilitation Committee and the Marine Environment Protection Committee, at their respective sessions, was circulated under symbol FAL.2/Circ.35-MEPC/Circ.207-MSC/Circ.593. The list was later revised and circulated under symbol FAL.2/Circ.42-MEPC/Circ.303-MSC/Circ.704, dated 21 September 1995 and FAL/Circ.90-MEPC/Circ.368-MSC/Circ.946, dated 3 July 2000.

  3. Due to amendments to the 1974 SOLAS Convention, as amended, which entered into force on 1 January 2002, 1 July 2002, 1 January 2004 and 1 July 2004, respectively; and amendments to MARPOL 73/78, which entered into force on 1 September 2002, as well as the entry into force of Annex IV of that Convention on 27 September 2003, the list has been revised to take account of the relevant provisions of the aforementioned amendments. The revised list of certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships, approved by FAL 31 (19 to 23 July 2004), MEPC 52 (11 to 15 October 2004) and MSC 79 (1 to 10 December 2004), is set out at annex.

  4. The certificates and documents this circular lists are only those required under IMO instruments and it does not include certificates or documents required by other international organizations or governmental authorities.

  5. Member Governments are invited to note the information provided in the annex and take action as appropriate.

  6. This circular supersedes FAL/Circ.90-MEPC/Circ.368-MSC/Circ.946. 

Annex List of certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships



(Note: All certificates to be carried on board must be originals)






All ships






International Tonnage Certificate (1969)


AnInternationalTonnageCertificate(1969)shallbeissued toeveryship,thegrossandnettonnageofwhichhavebeen determined in accordance with the Convention.


Tonnage Convention, article 7



International Load Line Certificate


AnInternationalLoadLineCertificateshallbeissuedunder the  provisions  of  the  International  Convention  on  Load Lines,  1966,  to  every  ship  which  has  been  surveyed  and marked  in               accordance           with     the    Convention     or    the Convention   as   modified   by   the   1988   LL   Protocol,   as appropriate.


LL Convention, article 16;


1988 LL Protocol, article 18



International Load Line Exemption Certificate


An  International  Load  Line  Exemption  Certificate  shall  be issuedtoanyshiptowhichanexemptionhasbeengranted under  and  in  accordance  with  article  6  of  the  Load  Line Convention     or    the    Convention     as    modified     by    the


1988 LL Protocol, as appropriate.


LL Convention, article 6;


1988 LL Protocol, article 18



Intact stability booklet


Everypassengershipregardless ofsizeandeverycargoship of24metresandovershallbeinclinedoncompletionand theelementsoftheirstabilitydetermined.  Themastershall


be   supplied   with   a   Stability   Booklet   containing   such


information  as  is  necessary  to  enable  him,  by  rapid  and simple  procedures,  to  obtain  accurate  guidance  as  to  the stability  of  the  ship  under  varying  conditions  of  loading. Forbulkcarriers,theinformationrequiredinabulkcarrier booklet may be contained in the stability booklet.


SOLAS 1974, regulationsII-1/22 and II-1/25-8;


1988 LL Protocol, regulation 10



Damage control plans andbooklets


On  passenger  and  cargo  ships,  there  shall  be  permanently exhibitedplansshowingclearlyforeachdeckandholdthe boundaries  of  the  watertight  compartments,  the  openings therein  with  the  means  of  closure  and  position  of  any controlsthereof,andthearrangementsforthecorrectionof any         list    due    to    flooding.        Booklets    containing     the aforementioned  information  shall  be  made  available  to  the officers of the ship.


SOLAS 1974, regulationsII-1/23,


23-1, 25-8; MSC/Circ.919




Minimum safe manning document


Every  ship  to  which  chapter  I  of  the  Convention  applies shall   be   provided   with   an   appropriate   safe   manning document  or  equivalent  issued  by  the  Administration  as evidence of the minimum safe manning.


SOLAS 1974


(2000 amendments), regulation V/14.2



Fire safety training manual


Atrainingmanualshallbewrittenintheworkinglanguage oftheshipandshallbeprovidedineachcrewmessroom and  recreation  room  or  in  each  crew  cabin.               The  manual shall  contain  the  instructions  and  information  required  in regulation  II-2/   Part  of  such  information  may  be provided  in  the  form  of  audio-visual  aids  in  lieu  of  the manual.


SOLAS 1974


(2000 amendments), regulationII-2/15.2.3



Fire Control plan/booklet


General  arrangement  plans  shall  be  permanently  exhibited fortheguidanceoftheship'sofficers,showingclearlyfor each  deck  the  control  stations,  the  various  fire  sections togetherwithparticularsofthefiredetectionandfirealarm systems  and                 the      fire-extinguishing                  appliances      etc. Alternatively,  at  the  discretion  of  the  Administration,  the aforementioneddetailsmaybesetoutinabooklet,acopy of  which  shall  be  supplied  to  each  officer,  and  one  copy shall  at  all  times  be  available  on  board  in  an  accessible position.   Plansandbookletsshallbekeptuptodate;any alterations   shall   be   recorded   as   soon   as   practicable.


A duplicatesetoffirecontrolplansorabookletcontainingsuch  plans  shall  be  permanently  stored  in  a  prominentlymarked weathertight enclosure outside the deckhouse for theassistance ofshore-side fire-fighting personnel.


SOLAS 1974


(2000 amendments), regulationII-2/15.2.4



On board training and drills record


Fire  drills  shall  be  conducted  and  recorded  in  accordance with the provisions of regulations III/19.3 and III/19.5.


SOLAS 1974


(2000 amendments), regulationII-2/



Fire safety operational booklet


The   fire   safety   operational   booklet   shall   contain   the


necessaryinformationandinstructionsforthesafeoperation oftheshipandcargohandlingoperationsinrelationtofire safety.  The booklet shall be written in the working language of  the  ship  and  be  provided  in  each  crew  mess  room  and recreationroomorineachcrewcabin.  Thebookletmaybe combined  with  the  fire  safety  training  manuals  required  in regulationII-2/15.2.3.


SOLAS 1974


(2000 amendments), regulationII-2/16.2




Certificatesfor masters, officers or ratings


Certificatesformasters,officersorratingsshallbeissuedto those     candidates     who,     to     the     satisfaction      ofthe Administration,  meet  the  requirements  for  service,  age, medicalfitness,training,qualificationsandexaminationsin accordancewiththeprovisionsoftheSTCWCodeannexed to  the  International  Convention  on  Standards  of  Training, Certification     and    Watchkeeping     for    Seafarers,     1978. Formats  of  certificates  are  given  in  section  A-I/2  of  the STCW  Code.   Certificates  must  be  kept  available  in  their original  form  on  board  the  ships  on  which  the  holder  is serving.


STCW 1978, article VI, regulationI/2;


STCW Code, section A-I/2



International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate


An  international  Oil  Pollution  Prevention  Certificate  shall be  issued,  after  survey  in  accordance  with  regulation  4  of Annex IofMARPOL73/78,toanyoiltankerof150gross tonnageandaboveandanyothershipof400 gross tonnage andabovewhichisengagedinvoyagestoportsoroffshore terminals                  under    the    jurisdiction      of    other    Parties    to MARPOL 73/78.    The  certificate  is  supplemented  with  a RecordofConstructionandEquipmentforShipsotherthan Oil  Tankers  (Form  A)  or  a  Record  of  Construction  and Equipment for Oil Tankers (FormB), as appropriate.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex I, regulation 5



Oil Record Book


Everyoiltankerof150grosstonnageandaboveandevery shipof400grosstonnageandaboveotherthananoiltanker shall   be   provided   with   an   Oil   Record   Book,   Part   I


(Machineryspaceoperations).  Everyoiltankerof150gross tonnage     and above    shall     also    be    provided     with     an Oil Record Book, Part II (Cargo/ballast operations).


MARPOL 73/78, Annex I, regulation 20



Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan


Everyoiltankerof150grosstonnageandaboveandevery shipotherthananoiltankerof400grosstonnageandabove shall  carry  on  board  a  Shipboard  Oil  Pollution  Emergency Plan approved by the Administration.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex I, regulation 26



International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate


An  International  Sewage  Pollution  Prevention  Certificate shall   be   issued,   after   an   initial   or   renewal   survey   in accordancewiththeprovisionsofregulation4ofAnnexIV ofMARPOL73/78,toanyshipwhichisrequiredtocomply withtheprovisionsofthatAnnexandisengagedinvoyages toportsoroffshoreterminalsunderthejurisdictionofother


Parties to the Convention.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex IV, regulation 5; MEPC/Circ.408






Everyshipof400grosstonnageandaboveandeveryship whichiscertifiedtocarry15personsormoreshallcarrya garbage management plan which the crew shall follow.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex V, regulation 9



Garbage Record Book


Everyshipof400grosstonnageandaboveandeveryship which  is  certified  to  carry  15  persons  or  more  engaged  in voyagestoportsoroffshoreterminalsunderthejurisdiction of  other  Parties  to  the  Convention  and  every  fixed  and floatingplatformengagedinexplorationandexploitationof the sea-bed shall be provided with a Garbage Record Book.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex V, regulation 9



Voyage data recorder system-certificate of compliance


The  voyage  data  recorder  system,  including  all  sensors, shallbesubjectedtoanannualperformancetest.   Thetest shall  be  conducted  by  an  approved  testing  or  servicing facilitytoverifytheaccuracy,durationandrecoverabilityof therecordeddata.  Inaddition,testsandinspectionsshallbe conducted  to  determine  the  serviceability  of  all  protective enclosuresanddevicesfittedtoaidlocation.  Acopyofthe certificate   of   compliance   issued  by   the   testing   facility, stating     the    date    of    compliance     and    the    applicable performance standards, shall be retained on board the ship.


SOLAS 1974, regulation V/18.8



Cargo Securing Manual


Allcargoes,otherthansolidandliquidbulkcargoes,cargounitsandcargotransportunits,shallbeloaded,stowedand securedthroughoutthevoyagein accordancewiththeCargo SecuringManualapprovedbytheAdministration.   Inships with  ro-ro  spaces,  as  defined  in  regulation  II-2/3.41,  all securing  of  such  cargoes,  cargo  units  and  cargo  transport units,inaccordancewiththeCargoSecuringManual,shall becompletedbeforetheshipleavestheberth.   TheCargo SecuringManualisrequiredonalltypesofshipsengagedin thecarriageofallcargoesotherthansolidandliquidbulk cargoes,  which  shall  be  drawn  up  to  a  standard  at  least equivalent to the guidelines developed by the Organization.


SOLAS 1974


(2002 amendments), regulationsVI/5.6 and VII/5;





Document of Compliance


A   document   of   compliance   shall   be   issued   to   every company  which  complies  with  the  requirements  of  the ISM Code.  A copy of the document shall be kept on board.


SOLAS 1974, regulationIX/4; ISM Code, paragraph 13



Safety Management Certificate


A  Safety  Management  Certificate  shall  be  issued  to  every shipbytheAdministrationoranorganizationrecognizedby theAdministration.   TheAdministrationoranorganization recognized     by     it    shall,     before     issuing      the     Safety Management  Certificate,  verify  that  the  company  and  its shipboard   management   operate   in   accordance   with   the approved safety management system.


SOLAS 1974, regulationIX/4; ISM Code, paragraph 13





International Ship Security Certificate


An  International  Ship  Security  Certificate  (ISSC)  shall  be issued    to    every    ship    by    the    Administration      or    an organization   recognized   by   it   to   verify   that   the   ship complies  with  the  maritime  security  provisions  of  SOLAS chapterXI-2andpartAoftheISPSCode.  Aninterim ISSC may be issued under the ISPS Code part A, section 19.4.


SOLAS 1974


(2002 amendments), regulation XI-2/9.1.1; ISPS Code part A,


section 19 and appendices.



Ship Security Plan and associated records


Eachshipshallcarryonboardashipsecurityplanapproved bytheAdministration.   Theplanshallmakeprovisionsfor the  three  security  levels  as  defined  in  part  A  of  the  ISPS Code.   Recordsofthefollowingactivitiesaddressedinthe ship  security  plan  shall  be  kept  on  board  for  at  least  the minimum period specified by the Administration:



.1         training, drills and exercises;


.2         security threats and securityincidents;


.3         breaches of security;


.4         changes in security level;


.5         communications       relating      to    the     direct securityoftheshipsuchasspecificthreatsto theshiportoportfacilitiestheshipis,orhas been, in;


.6         internal     audits    and    reviews     of    security activities;


.7         periodic     review     of     the     ship     security assessment;


.8         periodic review of the ship security plan;


.9         implementation  of  any  amendments  to  the plan; and


.10       maintenance,  calibration  and  testing  of  any security     equipment     provided     on    board, including  testing  of  the  ship  security  alert system.


SOLAS 1974


(2002 amendments), regulation XI-2/9; ISPS Code part A, sections 9 and 10




Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)


Every  ship  to  which  chapter  I  of  the  Convention  applies shall  be  issued  with  a  Continuous  Synopsis  Record.                 The ContinuousSynopsisRecordprovidesanon-boardrecordof the  history  of  the  ship  with  respect  to  the  information recorded therein.


SOLAS 1974


(2002 amendments), regulation XI-1/5






In  addition  to  the  certificates  listed  in  section  1  above, passenger ships shall carry:




Passenger Ship Safety Certificate1


AcertificatecalledaPassengerShipSafetyCertificateshall be  issued  after  inspection  and  survey  to  a  passenger  ship which                 complies        with         the        requirements         of chapters II-1, II-2, III    and    IV   and    any    other    relevant requirementsofSOLAS1974.   ARecordofEquipmentfor the  Passenger  Ship  Safety  Certificate  (Form  P)  shall  be permanently attached.


SOLAS 1974, regulation I/12, as amendedbythe GMDSS amendments;


1988 SOLAS Protocol, regulationI/12,


(2000 amendments), appendix





When  an  exemption  is  granted  to  a  ship  under  and  in accordance    with     the    provisions     of    SOLAS 1974,    a


certificatecalledanExemptionCertificateshallbeissuedin addition to the certificates listed above.


SOLAS 1974, regulationI/12;


1988 SOLAS Protocol, regulationI/12





Trade Passenger Ship Space Certificate


A  Special  Trade  Passenger  Ship  Safety  Certificate  issued under  the  provisions  of  the  Special  Trade  Passenger  Ships Agreement, 1971.



A  certificate  called  a  Special  Trade  Passenger  Ship  Space Certificate   shall   be   issued   under   the   provisions   of   the Protocol    on    Space    Requirements      for    Special    Trade Passenger Ships, 1973.


STP 71, rule 5









SSTP 73, rule 5



Search and rescue co-operation plan


Passenger   ships   to   which   chapter   I   of   the   Convention applies  shall  have  on  board  a  plan  for  co-operation  with appropriate   search   and   rescue   services   in   event   of   an emergency.


SOLAS 1974


(2000 amendments), regulation V/7.3




List of operational limitations


Passenger   ships   to   which   chapter   I   of   the   Convention applies  shall  keep  on  board  a  list  of  all  limitations  on  the operationoftheship,includingexemptionsfromanyofthe SOLAS,regulations,restrictionsinoperatingareas,weather restrictions,seastaterestrictions,restrictionsinpermissible loads,   trim,   speed   and   any   other   limitations,   whether imposed  by  the  Administration  or  established  during  the design or the building stages.


SOLAS 1974


2000 amendments), regulation V/30



Decision support system for masters


In   all   passenger   ships,   a   decision   support   system   for emergencymanagementshallbeprovidedonthenavigation bridge.


SOLAS 1974, regulationIII/29






In  addition  to  the  certificates  listed  in  section  1  above, cargo ships shall carry:




Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate3


A   certificate   called   a   Cargo   Ship   Safety   Construction


Certificate  shall  be  issued  after  survey  to  a  cargo  ship  of


500 grosstonnageandoverwhichsatisfiestherequirements for  cargo  ships  on  survey,  set  out  in  regulation  I/10  of SOLAS 1974,     and      complies       with      the      applicable requirements  of  chapters  II-1  and  II-2,  other  than  those relating  to  fire-extinguishing  appliances  and  fire  control plans.


SOLAS 1974, regulationI/12,


as amended by the


GMDSS amendments;


1988 SOLAS Protocol, regulationI/12



Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate4


A   certificate   called   a   Cargo   Ship   Safety   Equipment


Certificate  shall  be  issued  after  survey  to  a  cargo  ship  of


500 gross   tonnage   and   over   which   complies   with   the relevantrequirementsofchaptersII-1andII-2andIIIand anyotherrelevantrequirementsofSOLAS1974.  ARecord of   Equipment   for   the   Cargo   Ship   Safety   Equipment Certificate (FormE) shall be permanently attached.


SOLAS 1974, regulationI/12,


as amended by the


GMDSS amendments;


1988 SOLAS Protocol, regulationI/12


(2000 amendments), appendix




Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate5


A  certificate  called  a  Cargo  Ship  Safety  Radio  Certificate shall  be  issued  after  survey  to  a  cargo  ship  of  300  gross tonnageandover,fittedwitharadioinstallation,including those  used  in  life-saving  appliances,  which  complies  with the   requirements   of   chaptersIII   and IV   and   any   other relevant   requirements   of   SOLAS 1974.         A   Record   of Equipment  for  the  Cargo  Ship  Safety  Radio  Certificate


(FormR) shall be permanently attached.


SOLAS 1974, regulationI/12,


as amended by the


GMDSS amendments;


1988 SOLAS Protocol, regulationI/12



Cargo Ship Safety Certificate


AcertificatecalledaCargoShipSafetyCertificatemaybe issuedaftersurveytoacargoshipwhichcomplieswiththe relevant  requirements  of  chapters  II-1,  II-2,  III,  IV  and  V and   other   relevant   requirements   of   SOLAS   1974   as modifiedbythe1988SOLASProtocol,asanalternativeto the  above  cargo  ship  safety  certificates.               A  Record  of EquipmentfortheCargoShipSafetyCertificate(FormC) shall be permanently attached.


1988 SOLAS Protocol, regulationI/12


(2000 amendments), appendix





When  an  exemption  is  granted  to  a  ship  under  and  in accordance    with    the    provisions     of    SOLAS    1974,   a certificatecalledanExemptionCertificateshallbeissuedin addition to the certificates listed above.


SOLAS 1974, regulation I/12 ;


1988 SOLAS Protocol, regulationI/12



Document of authorization for the carriage of grain


Adocumentofauthorizationshallbeissuedforeveryship loaded    in     accordance    with     the     regulations      of    the International  Code  for  the  Safe  Carriage  of  Grain  in  Bulk eitherbytheAdministrationoranorganizationrecognized by  it  or  by  a  Contracting  Government  on  behalf  of the Administration.       The  document  shall  accompany  or  be incorporated  into  the  grain  loading  manual  provided  to enablethemastertomeetthestabilityrequirements  ofthe Code.


SOLAS 1974, regulation VI/9;


International Code for the Safe Carriage of Grain in Bulk, section 3




Certificate  of  insurance  or  other  financial  security  in respect of civil liabilityfor oil pollution damage


A   certificate   attesting   that   insurance   or   other   financial security  is  in  force  shall  be  issued  to  each  ship  carrying more  than  2,000  tons  of  oil  in  bulk  as  cargo.   It  shall  be issuedorcertifiedbytheappropriateauthorityoftheState oftheship'sregistryafterdeterminingthattherequirements of  article  VII,  paragraph  1,  of  the  CLC  Convention  have been complied with.


CLC 1969, article VII



Certificate  of  insurance  or  other  financial  security  in respect of civil liabilityfor oil pollution damage


A   certificate   attesting   that   insurance   or   other   financial securityisinforceinaccordancewiththeprovisionsofthe


1992CLCConventionshallbeissuedtoeachshipcarrying more  than  2,000  tons  of  oil  in  bulk  as  cargo  after  the appropriateauthorityofaContractingStatehasdetermined that  the  requirements  of  article  VII,  paragraph  1,  of  the Convention  have  been  complied  with.        With  respect  to  a shipregisteredinaContractingState,suchcertificateshall be  issued  by  the  appropriate  authority  of  the  State  of  the ship's  registry;  with  respect  to  a  ship  not  registered  in  a Contracting  State,  it  may  be  issued  or  certified  by  the appropriate authority ofany Contracting State.


CLC 1992, article VII



Enhanced survey report file


Bulkcarriersandoiltankersshallhaveasurveyreportfile and  supporting  documents  complying  with  paragraphs  6.2 and6.3ofannexAandannexBofresolutionA.744(18), Guidelines   on   the   enhanced   programme   of   inspections during surveys of bulk carriers and oil tankers.


SOLAS 1974


(2002 amendments), regulation XI-1/2; resolution A.744(18)



Record  of  oil  discharge  monitoring  and  control  system for the last ballast voyage


Subjecttoprovisionsofparagraphs(4),(5),(6)and(7)of regulation  15  of  Annex  I  of  MARPOL  73/78,  every  oil tankerof150grosstonnageandaboveshallbefittedwith anoildischargemonitoringandcontrolsystemapprovedby the  Administration.              The  system  shall  be  fitted  with  a recording  device  to  provide  a  continuous  record  of  the discharge  in  litres  per  nautical  mile  and  total  quantity discharged,  or  the  oil  content  and  rate  of  discharge.   This recordshallbeidentifiableastotimeanddateandshallbe kept for at least three years.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex I,


regulation 15(3)(a)




Cargo Information


The  shipper  shall  provide  the  master  or  his  representative with  appropriate  information,  confirmed  in  writing,  on  the cargo,inadvanceofloading.  Inbulkcarriers,thedensityof the cargo shall be providedin the above information.


SOLAS 1974, regulationsVI/2 and XII/10; MSC/Circ.663



Bulk Carrier Booklet


Toenablethemastertopreventexcessivestressintheship's structure,theshiploadingandunloadingsolidbulkcargoes shall  be  provided  with  a  booklet  referred  to  in  SOLAS regulation  VI/7.2.      The  booklet  shall  be  endorsed  by  the Administration  or  on  its  behalf  to  indicate  that  SOLAS regulations  XII/4,  5,  6  and  7,  as  appropriate,  are  complied with.   Asanalternativetoaseparatebooklet,therequired information may be contained inthe intact stability booklet.


SOLAS 1974, regulations VI/7 and;




Code of Practice for the


Safe Loading and


Unloading ofBulk Carriers


(BLU Code)



DedicatedClean BallastTank Operation Manual


Everyoiltankeroperatingwithdedicatedcleanballasttanks in  accordance  with  the  provisions  of  regulation  13(10)  of Annex  I  of  MARPOL  73/78  shall  be  provided  with  a Dedicated  Clean  Ballast  Tank  Operation  Manual  detailing the  system  and  specifying  operational  procedures.   Such  a ManualshallbetothesatisfactionoftheAdministrationand shallcontainalltheinformationsetoutintheSpecifications referredtoinparagraph2ofregulation13AofAnnexIof MARPOL 73/78.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex I, regulation 13A



Crude Oil Washing Operation and Equipment


Manual (COW Manual)


Every  oil  tanker  operating  with  crude  oil  washing  systems shall   be   provided   with   an   Operations   and   Equipment Manualdetailingthesystemandequipmentandspecifying operational  procedures.  Such  a  Manual  shall  be  to  the satisfaction  of  the  Administration  and  shall  contain  all  the information  set  out  in  the  specifications  referred  to  in paragraph               2    of                    regulation         13B     of        Annex             I    of MARPOL 73/78.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex I, regulation 13B




Condition   Assessment   Scheme   (CAS)   Statement   of


Compliance, CAS FinalReport and Review Record


A   Statement   of   Compliance   shall   be   issued   by   the Administrationtoeveryoiltankerwhichhasbeensurveyed in   accordance   with   the   requirements   of   the   Condition Assessment  Scheme  (CAS)  (resolution  MEPC.94(46),  as amended)   and   found   to   be   in   compliance   with   these requirements.   Inaddition,acopyoftheCASFinalReport whichwasreviewedbytheAdministrationfortheissueof the  Statement  of  Compliance  and  a  copy  of  the  relevant ReviewRecordshallbeplacedonboardtoaccompanythe Statement of Compliance.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex I


(2001 amendments


(resolutionMEPC.95(46)), regulation 13G;





Hydrostatically  Balanced  Loading  (HBL)  Operational




Every      oil       tanker      which,       in       compliance       with regulation 13G(6)(b),        operates      withHydrostatically Balanced  Loading  shall  be  provided  with  an  operational manual in accordance with resolutionMEPC.64(36).


MARPOL 73/78, Annex I


(2001 amendments


(resolutionMEPC.95(46)), regulation 13G



Oil    Discharge    Monitoring     and    Control     (ODMC) Operational Manual


Every  oil  tanker  fitted  with  an  Oil  Discharge  Monitoring andControlsystemshallbeprovidedwithinstructionsasto the   operation   of   the   system   in   accordance   with   an operational manual approved by the Administration.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex I,


regulation 15(3)(c)



Subdivision and stability information


Every  oil  tanker  to  which  regulation  25  of  Annex  I  of MARPOL  73/78  applies  shall  be  provided  in  an  approved formwithinformationrelativetoloadinganddistributionof cargonecessarytoensurecompliancewiththeprovisionsof thisregulationanddataontheabilityoftheshiptocomply with   damage   stability   criteria   as   determined   by   this regulation.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex I, regulation 25







In  addition  to  the  certificates  listed  in  sections  1  and  3 above,  where  appropriate,  any  ship  carrying  noxious liquid chemical substances in bulk shall carry:




International  Pollution  Prevention  Certificate  for  the


Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk


(NLS Certificate)


An   international   pollution   prevention   certificate   for   the carriage      of      noxious       liquid       substances      in      bulk


(NLS certificate)shallbeissued,aftersurveyinaccordance with   the   provisions   of   regulation   10   of   Annex   II   of MARPOL   73/78,   to   any   ship   carrying   noxious   liquid substancesinbulkandwhichisengagedinvoyagestoports or   terminals   under   the   jurisdiction   of   other   Parties   to MARPOL 73/78.      In   respect   of   chemical   tankers,   the Certificate   of   Fitness   for   the   Carriage   of   Dangerous Chemicals   in   Bulk   and   the   International   Certificate   of Fitness  for  the  Carriage  of  Dangerous  Chemicals  in  Bulk, issuedundertheprovisionsoftheBulkChemicalCodeand InternationalBulkChemicalCode,respectively,shallhave the  same  force  and  receive  the  same  recognition  as  the NLS certificate.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex II,


regulations 11 and 12A



Cargo record book


Every  ship  to  which  Annex  II  of  MARPOL  73/78  applies shall  be  provided  with  a  Cargo  Record  Book,  whether  as partoftheship'sofficiallogbookorotherwise,intheform specified in appendix IVto the Annex.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex II, regulation 9



Procedures and Arrangements Manual (P & A Manual) Every  ship  certified  to  carry  noxious  liquid  substances  in bulk  shall  have  on  board  a  Procedures  and  Arrangements Manual approved by the Administration.


ResolutionMEPC.18(22), chapter 2;


MARPOL 73/78, Annex II,


regulations 5, 5A and 8



Shipboard     Marine    Pollution     Emergency    Plan     for


Noxious Liquid Substances


Everyshipof150grosstonnageandabovecertifiedtocarry noxious  liquid  substances  in  bulk  shall  carry  on  board  a


shipboard  marine  pollution  emergency  plan  for  noxious liquid substances approved by the Administration.


MARPOL 73/78, Annex II, regulation 16







In  addition  to  the  certificates  listed  in  sections  1  and  3 above,   where   applicable,   any   chemical   tanker   shall carry:




Certificate  of  Fitness  for  the  Carriage  of  Dangerous


Chemicals in Bulk


AcertificatecalledaCertificateofFitnessfortheCarriage ofDangerousChemicalsinBulk,themodelformofwhich


is set out in the appendix to the Bulk Chemical Code, should beissuedafteraninitialorperiodicalsurveytoachemical tanker  engaged  in  international  voyages  which  complies with the relevant requirements of theCode.



Note:   The    Code    is    mandatory     under    Annex     II    of MARPOL 73/78  for  chemical  tankers  constructed before 1 July 1986.





BCHCode, section 1.6;


BCH Code as modified by resolutionMSC.18(58), section 1.6



International  Certificate  of  Fitness  for  the  Carriage  of


Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk


AcertificatecalledanInternationalCertificateofFitness for the  Carriage  of  Dangerous  Chemicals  in Bulk,  the  model formofwhichissetoutintheappendixtotheInternational Bulk  Chemical  Code,  should  be  issued  after  an  initial  or periodical                   survey     to    a    chemical     tanker    engaged     in international  voyages  which  complies  with  the  relevant requirements of the Code.



Note:   The  Code  is  mandatory  under  both  chapter  VII  of SOLAS1974andAnnexIIofMARPOL73/78for chemical tankers constructed on or after 1 July 1986.


IBC Code, section 1.5;


IBC Code as modified by resolutionsMSC.16(58) and MEPC.40(29),


section 1.5






In  addition  to  the  certificates  listed  in  sections  1  and  3


above, where applicable, any gas carrier shall carry:




Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Liquefied Gases in Bulk


A     certificate      called     a    Certificate      of     Fitness     for the Carriage ofLiquefiedGasesinBulk,themodelformof


which  is  set  out  in  the  appendix  to  the  Gas  Carrier  Code, shouldbeissuedafteraninitialorperiodicalsurveytoagas carrierwhichcomplieswiththerelevantrequirementsofthe Code.


GC Code, section 1.6




International  Certificate  of  Fitness  for  the  Carriage  of


Liquefied Gases in Bulk


A  certificate  called  an  International  Certificate  of  Fitness fortheCarriageofLiquefiedGasesinBulk,themodelform ofwhichissetoutintheappendixtotheInternationalGas CarrierCode,shouldbeissuedafteraninitialorperiodical survey  to  a  gas  carrier  which  complies  with  the  relevant requirements of the Code.



Note:   TheCodeismandatoryunderchapterVIIofSOLAS


1974  for  gas  carriers  constructed  on  or  after  1 July




IGC Code, section 1.5;


IGC Code as modified by resolutionMSC.17(58), section 1.5






In  additionto  the  certificates  listed  in  sections 1,  and  2 or 3above,whereapplicable,anyhigh-speedcraftshall carry:




High-SpeedCraft Safety Certificate


A  certificate  called  a  High-Speed  Craft  Safety  Certificate shall  be  issued  after  completion  of  an  initial  or  renewal survey  to  a  craft  which  complies  with  the  requirements  of the 1994 HSC Code or the 2000 HSC Code, as appropriate.


SOLAS 1974, regulation X/3;


1994 HSC Code, section 1.8;


2000 HSC Code, section 1.8



Permit to Operate High-Speed Craft


A  certificate  called  a  Permit  to  Operate  High-Speed  Craft shall   be   issued   to   a   craft   which   complies   with   the requirementssetoutinparagraphs1.2.2to1.2.7ofthe1994


HSC Code or the 2000 HSC Code, as appropriate.


1994 HSC Code, section 1.9;


2000 HSC Code, section 1.9






Inadditiontothecertificateslistedinsections1,and2 or 3    above,    where    applicable,     any    ship    carrying dangerous goods shall carry:




Document  of  compliance  with  the  special  requirements for ships carrying dangerous goods



The    Administration      shall     provide    the    ship    with     an appropriate    documentas       evidence    of    compliance    of construction   and   equipment   with   the   requirements   of regulation   II-2/19   of   SOLAS   1974.        Certification   for dangerous  goods,  except  solid  dangerous  goods  in  bulk,  is not  required  for  those  cargoes  specified  as  class  6.2  and  7 and dangerous goods in limited quantities.


SOLAS 1974,


(2000 amendments), regulationII-2/19.4








Inadditiontothecertificateslistedinsections1,and2 or 3    above,    where    applicable,     any    ship    carrying dangerous goods in packaged form shall carry:




Dangerous goods manifest or stowage plan


Eachshipcarryingdangerousgoodsinpackagedformshall have  a  special  list  or  manifest  setting  forth,  in  accordance with   the   classification   set   out   in   the   IMDG Code,   the dangerous  goods  on  board  and  the  location  thereof.   Each ship  carrying  dangerous  goods  in  solid  form  in  bulk  shall havealistormanifestsettingforththedangerousgoodson board  and  the  location  thereof.       Adetailed  stowage  plan, which  identifies  by  class  and  sets  out  the  location  of  all dangerousgoodsonboard,maybeusedinplaceofsucha speciallistormanifest.   Acopyofoneofthesedocuments shall  be  made  available  before  departure  to  the  person  or organizationdesignatedbythe port State authority.


SOLAS 1974,


(2002 amendments), regulations VII/4.5 and VII/7-2;


MARPOL 73/78, Annex III, regulation 4






Inadditiontothecertificateslistedinsections1,and2 or 3    above,    where    applicable,     any    ship    carrying INF cargo shall carry:




International  Certificate  of  Fitness  for  the  Carriage  of


INF Cargo


A       ship    carrying     INF    cargo    shall     comply    with     the requirementsoftheInternationalCodefortheSafeCarriage of   Packaged   Irradiated   Nuclear   Fuel,   Plutonium   and High-LevelRadioactiveWastesonBoardShips(INFCode) in  addition  to  any  other  applicable  requirements  of  the SOLASregulationsandshallbesurveyedandbeprovided withtheInternationalCertificateofFitnessfortheCarriage


of INF Cargo.


SOLAS 1974, regulation VII/16; INF Code


(resolution MSC.88(71)), paragraph 1.3






Inadditiontothecertificateslistedinsections1,and2 or 3  above,  where  applicable,  any  Nuclear  Ship  shall carry:




A  Nuclear  Cargo  Ship  Safety  Certificate  or  Nuclear PassengerShipSafetyCertificate,inplaceoftheCargo Ship    Safety   Certificate    or    Passenger    Ship    Safety Certificate, as appropriate.



Every   Nuclear   powered   ship   shall   be   issued   with   the certificate required by SOLAS chapter VIII.


SOLAS 1974, regulation VIII/10




Other certificates and documents which are not mandatory




Special purpose ships



Special Purpose Ship Safety Certificate


In    addition     to    SOLAS    certificates     as    specified     in paragraph 7  of  the  Preamble  of  the  Code  of  Safety  for


Special   Purpose   Ships,   a   Special   Purpose   Ship   Safety Certificateshouldbeissuedaftersurveyinaccordancewith the  provisions  of  paragraph  1.6  of  the  Code  for  Special PurposeShips.   Thedurationandvalidityofthecertificate should  be  governed  by  the  respective  provisions  for  cargo shipsinSOLAS1974.  Ifacertificateisissuedforaspecial purposeshipoflessthan500grosstonnage,thiscertificate should  indicate  to  what  extent  relaxations  in  accordance with 1.2 were accepted.


Resolution A.534(13) as amended by MSC/Circ.739;


SOLAS 1974, regulationI/12;


1988 SOLAS Protocol, regulationI/12




Offshore support vessels



CertificateofFitnessfor Offshore Support Vessels


When   carrying   such   cargoes,   offshore   support   vessels should   carry   a   Certificate   of   Fitness   issued   under   the


"Guidelines  for  the  Transport  and  Handling  of  Limited


Amounts  of  Hazardous  and  Noxious  Liquid  Substances  in BulkonOffshoreSupportVessels".   Ifanoffshoresupport vessel  carries  only  noxious  liquid  substances,  a  suitably endorsed  International  Pollution  Prevention  Certificate  for theCarriageofNoxiousLiquidSubstancesinBulkmaybe issued instead of the above Certificate of Fitness.


ResolutionA.673(16); MARPOL 73/78, Annex II,


regulation 13(4)




Diving systems



Diving System Safety Certificate


AcertificateshouldbeissuedeitherbytheAdministration or  any  person  or  organization  duly  authorized  by  it  after surveyorinspectiontoadivingsystem whichcomplieswith therequirementsoftheCodeofSafetyforDivingSystems. In   every   case,   the   Administration   should   assume   full responsibility for the certificate.


ResolutionA.536(13), section 1.6




Dynamically supported craft



Dynamically      Supported      Craft      Construction      and


Equipment Certificate


To  be  issued  after  survey  carried  out  in  accordance  with paragraph  1.5.1(a)  of the  Code  of  Safety for  Dynamically Supported Craft.


ResolutionA.373(X), section 1.6





Mobile offshore drilling units



Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Safety Certificate


Tobeissuedaftersurveycarriedoutinaccordancewiththe provisionsoftheCodefortheConstructionandEquipment of  Mobile  Offshore  Drilling  Units,  1979,  or,  for  units constructed  on  or  after  1  May  1991,  the  Code  for  the Construction and Equipment of Drilling Units, 1989.


ResolutionA.414(XI), section 1.6;




section 1.6;


Resolution A.649(16) as modified by


resolutionMSC.38(63), section 1.6




Wing-In-Ground (WIG) Craft



Wing-in-ground Craft Safety Certificate


AcertificatecalledaWIGCraftSafetyCertificateshouldbe issuedaftercompletionofaninitialorrenewalsurveytoa craft,  which  complies  with  the  provisions  of  the  Interim Guidelines for WIG craft.


MSC/Circ.1054, section 9



Permit to Operate WIG Craft


ApermittooperateshouldbeissuedbytheAdministration to  certify  compliance  with  the  provisions  of  the  Interim Guidelines for WIG craft.


MSC/Circ.1054, section 10




Noise levels



Noise Survey Report


A  noise  survey  report  should  be  made  for  each  ship  in accordance with the Code on Noise Levels on Board Ships.


ResolutionA.468(XII), section 4.3



1                      The  form  of  the  Certificate  and  its  Record  of  Equipment  may  be  found  in  the  GMDSS  amendments  to





2                      SLS.14/Circ.115 and Add.1 referstothe issueof exemption certificates.


3                      Theformof the Certificate may befound in the GMDSS amendments to SOLAS1974.



4                      The  form  of  the  Certificate  and  its  Record  of  Equipment  may  be  found  in  the  GMDSS  amendments  to




5                      The  form  of  the  Certificate  and  its  Record  of  Equipment  may  be  found  in  the  GMDSS  amendments  to





6                      SLS.14/Circ.115 and Add.1 referstothe issueof exemption certificates.










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