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569 Clarifications of certain provisions of Chapter III of the 1983 SOLAS Amendments
Geldigheid:02-07-1991 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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1 The Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 59/33, paragraph 12.8), at its fifty-ninth session (13 to 24 May 1991), took note of clarifications of certain provisions of chapter III of the 1983 SOLAS amendments, as attached in the annex, and instructed the Secretariat to bring them to the attention of Member Governments.

2 Member Governments are advised that equipment already approved by an Administration should not be required to be replaced because of these clarifications.


1 Regulation III/6.4.2 - On-board communications and alarm system

"The public address system should be a loud speaker installation enabling the broadcast of messages into all spaces where crew members or passengers, or both, are normally present. It should allow for the broadcast of messages from the navigation bridge and such other places on board the ship as the Administration deems necessary. It should be installed with regard to acoustically marginal conditions and not require any action from the addressee. It should be protected against unauthorized use." 2 Regulation III/30.3 - General requirements for life-saving appliances - "Period of acceptability"
"Where practicable, permanent marking with a date of expiry is the preferred method of establishing the period of acceptability. Batteries not marked with an expiration date may be used if they are replaced annually, or in the case of a secondary battery (accumulator), if the condition of the electrolyte can be readily checked." 3 Regulation III/32.1 - General requirements for lifejackets - "Lifejacket for children"
"Lifejackets for children should be marked with the weight for which the lifejacket will meet the testing and evaluation criteria recommended by the Organization. For easy identification, child-size lifejackets should also be marked with a "child", as shown on the "child's lifejacket", symbol adopted by the Organization (resolution A.603(15))." 4 Regulations III/ and III/41.8.12 - Survival craft equipment - "Food rations"
"A satisfactory emergency food ration would consist of the following components: Ration unit:500-550 gEnergy:Min. 10,000 kJ =Packing:Hermetically sealed (can) or vacuum packed (flexible package)Composition: 1 Moisture:Maximum 3-7%2 Salt:Maximum 0.2%3 Carbohydrates:60%-70% weight = 50%-60% energy4 Fat: 18%-23% weight = 33%-43% energy5 Protein: 6%-10% weight = 5%-8% energyRations should be palatable, edible throughout the recommended shelf life and packed in a manner which can be readily divided and easily opened." 5 Regulation III/41.3.3 - Access into lifeboats
"Lifeboats shall have a boarding ladder that can be used at any boarding entrance of the lifeboat." 6 Regulation III/41.6.9 - Lifeboat propulsion
"Adequate means should be provided to reduce the engine noise so that a shouted order can be heard,". 7 Regulation III/ - Adequate protection against accidental or premature use
"The adequate protection against accidental or premature use referred to in regulation should include special mechanical protection not normally required for off-load release, in addition to a danger sign. To prevent an accidental release during recovery of the boat, the mechanical protection (interlock) should only engage once the release mechanism is properly and completely reset. To prevent a premature on-load release, on-load operation of the release mechanism should require a deliberate and sustained action by the operator. Clear operating instructions should be provided with a suitably worded warning notice."
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