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551 Cargo tank gauging; Interpretation of "closed device", as referred to in paragraph 3.9 of the BCH Code ( BCH Code )
Geldigheid:19-09-1991 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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The following arrangements may be accepted as meeting the requirement for a "closed devices", as required by regulation 3.9, provided that:

1 cargo tanks are fitted with a permanently installed deck mounted valve with gas-tight connections so designed as to ensure that inadvertent release of tank contents doers not occur;

2 a sufficient number of portable gauging units are provided to ensure that they can be fitted to each cargo tank involved in simultaneous transfer operations, plus two spare units;

3 when fitted to or removed from the tank, the portable gauging unit and the deck arrangement prevent the tank contents from being released;

4 portable gauging units remain in place throughout the period during which cargo transfer operations are being carried out; and

5 in ships having central cargo control rooms with existing instrumentation providing remote measurements , the portable gauging unit is capable of transmitting an appropriate signal to the control room.
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