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773 Pilot transfer arrangements
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( SOLAS reg V/17, MSC/Circ.568 ) Required boarding arrangements for pilots

1 The Maritime Safety Committee, at its sixty-fourth session (5 to 9 December 1994), approved a poster detailing the "Required boarding arrangements for pilots". A copy of the approved poster was circulated with MSC/Circ.568/Rev.1 dated 23 February 1995. The International Maritime Pilots' Association (IMPA) had undertaken to have the poster printed for distribution. Subsequently, some minor differences to the layout and presentation of the poster were made by IMPA without any changes of substance, and the NAV Sub-Committee was requested to agree the revised layout by IMPA (NAV 42/22/2); NAV 42 agreed to the proposed revised layout.

2 The Maritime Safety Committee at its sixty-seventh session (2 to 5 December 1996), concurred in the recommendation of the forty- second session of the NAV Sub-Committee and approved a revision of the poster attached to MSC/Circ.568 concerning use of pilot hoists.

3 Member Governments are requested to bring the revised poster given at annex to the attention of their pilots, seafarers, shipowners, ship operators and others concerned with pilot boarding arrangements.

Annex Revised layout of Poster "Pilot transfer arrangements"

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