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MSC/Circ. 1047 Guidelines for monthly shipboard inspection of immersion suits and anti-exposure suits by ships'' crews
Geldigheid:28-05-2002 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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1 The Maritime Safety Committee, at its seventy-fifth session (15 to 24 May 2002), recognizing that SOLAS regulation III/20.7 requires monthly inspection of life-saving appliances to be carried out by using the checklist required by SOLAS regulation III/36.1 to ensure that their operational readiness is maintained in service, approved Guidelines for monthly shipboard inspection of immersion suits and anti-exposure suits by ships. crews, as set out in the annex.

2 Member Governments are invited to bring the annexed Guidelines to the attention of all parties concerned, in conjunction with the relevant requirements of SOLAS regulations III/20.7 and 36.1.


When carrying out the inspection of immersion suits and anti-exposure suits required by SOLAS regulation III/20.7, the following procedure is recommended.

1 Check closures on storage bag as well as general condition of bag for ease of removal of suit. Ensure donning instructions are legible. Confirm that suit is the type and size identified on the bag.

2 Lay the suit on a clean, flat surface. Make sure the suit is dry inside and out. Visually check for damage. Rips, tears or punctures should be repaired in accordance with manufacturer.s instructions by a suitable repair station*.

3 Check the zipper by sliding it up and down to check for ease of operation. Using lubricant recommended by the manufacturer, lubricate the front and back of the zipper and the slide fastener. If the zipper is not functional, the suit should be removed from service and discarded or returned to the manufacturer or a suitable repair station.

4 If fitted, check inflatable head support and/or buoyancy ring for damage and ensure that it is properly attached. Check inflation hose(s) for deterioration. At least quarterly, the head support/buoyancy ring should be inflated and tested for leaks (this test does not apply to integral inflatable lifejackets). Leaks should be repaired in accordance with manufacturers' instructions by a suitable repair station.

5 Check retro reflective tape for condition and adhesion. Replace if necessary.

6 If fitted, check whistle and expiration date of light and battery.

7 Replace suits in the bag with zippers fully opened.

8 The opportunity should be taken at such monthly inspections for the crew to practise donning the immersion suits or anti-exposure suits.

* A "suitable repair station" is one authorized by the suit manufacturer and/or acceptable to the Administration.
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