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638 Maintaining a proper lookout
Geldigheid:26-05-1994 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

Dit onderwerp bevat de volgende rubrieken.

1 The Maritime Safety Committee, at its sixty-third session (16 to 25 May 1994), was informed of the loss, in the Dover Strait on 10 and 11 August 1991, of the Ocean Hound - a fishing vessel of 22.30 metres and 43.23 gross tonnage - along with all five members of her crew.

2 An investigation by the United Kingdom Administration has indicated that Ocean Hound came so close to an unidentified ship, that severe interaction between the two ships came into effect. It is not clear from the available evidence whether any collision actually occurred. It is thought, however, that Ocean Hound capsized and was struck again some hours later by another ship, again unidentified, at which point Ocean Hound sank.

3 The available evidence leads the United Kingdom Administration to conclude that the standard of watchkeeping being applied on the ships involved must have been grossly below that which is necessary.

4 In the light of this incident, the Maritime Safety Committee, at its sixty-third session requested Member Governments to draw to the attention of shipowners, shipmasters and mariners the need to maintain a proper lookout at all times, in accordance with rule 5 of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972.

5 In this regard, special consideration needs to be given to arranging and keeping a look-out when passing through areas of high traffic density, where large numbers of fishing vessels and recreational craft may be encountered and may not always be detectable on radar.
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