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610 Use and application of computers
Geldigheid:07-07-1993 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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1 The Maritime Safety Committee, at its sixty-second session (24 to 28 May 1993), endorsed the following recommendations of the COM Sub-Committee on computer virus protection (COM 38/27, paragraph 10.3) and instructed the Secretariat to bring them to the attention of Governments, CIRM, IEC, ICS and others concerned:


  1.  Member Governments having knowledge of occurrences of computer viruses, which have affected the GMDSS or other communications equipment, are recommended to advise the Organization of the circumstances;
  2.  CIRM is alerted to the possibility of computer viruses and organizations such as IEC and others are encouraged to join in an effort to identify GMDSS potential problem areas and work toward resolution of any problems identified and anti-virus protection of the GMDSS; and
  3. as a general precaution, GMDSS equipment should not be used for computer games and any external software should be checked for viruses before being used on ships, RCC, radio station or coast earth station computer equipment.


2 Member Governments, CIRM, IEC, ICS and all others concerned are invited to take account of the above recommendations when applying and using relevant computers in GMDSS communication/computer and navigation equipment at sea or ashore.

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