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695 Implementation of Regulations 20 and 21 OF MARPOL Annex I
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Implementation of Regulations 20 and 21 OF MARPOL Annex I

Summary of communications received from MARPOL Parties


  1. Reference is made to MEPC/Circ.429, of 9 February 2005, on communication of information to the Organization in compliance with the requirements of regulations 13G and 13H of MARPOL Annex I (now regulations 20 and 21) concerning continued operation allowances or exemptions that may be granted by Administrations to oil tankers flying their flags; and on denial of entry into ports of other States to those oil tankers that have been granted those allowances or exemptions.

  2. In accordance with the provisions of the mentioned regulations, the Secretariat has issued to date a total of 73 circulars disseminating information on the policies adopted by MARPOL Member States, as communicated to the Organization, which can be found, in numerical order, on the IMO website: www.imo.org, tab "MARINE ENVIRONMENT", Right hand menu "Oil tankers - regulations 20/21 implementation".

  3. With a view to facilitating consultation of the information contained in the circulars, the Secretariat has prepared the table set out in annex 1 with a summary of the communications received from Member States concerning application of the said regulations. An "X" entered in a particular box indicates that the Member State concerned has taken action as authorized under the relevant regulation, either by allowing continued operation, or granting exemptions, to oil tankers flying its flag, or by making use of the entitlement to deny entry into its ports or terminal to foreign oil tankers operating under such allowances or exemptions. Whilst a dash "-" indicates that the Member State concerned has not reported any action taken, or has communicated that it does not intend to apply the provisions under the relevant regulation.

  4. The information summarized in annex 1 has been prepared with utmost care by the Secretariat. However, in some cases, the policies implemented by Governments may be complex, establish exceptions which are difficult to summarize, or apply on a case-by-case basis. It is therefore strongly advised to refer to the texts of specific notifications, as set out in the circulars themselves. To facilitate this task, annex 2 provides an alphabetical list of those MARPOL Parties which have communicated information to IMO and the reference number, or numbers, of those MEPC circulars issued as a result. It should be noted, though, that there may be MARPOL Parties which have not notified IMO of their implementation policies and, therefore, the information provided in the annexes cannot be considered as exhaustive.

  5. Member States which may wish to update the information provided in the past are invited to do so at their earliest convenience; and those which may spot any omission or incorrect information as shown in previous circulars, or as summarized in the annexes, are requested to inform the Secretariat for corrective action as appropriate.

Annex 1 Summary of communications

Summary of communications


REGULATION 20.5 20.7 21.5 21.6.1 21.6.2 21.721.8.2
Member States         
EU Member StatesX2-XX----X
Marshall IslandsXX -XXXX-
New Zealand--XX---_X
Republic of Korea----X6X6--X7
Russian Federation-------X-
Saint Kitts and Nevis-------X-
United Kingdom (on behalf
of Cayman Islands)
United States8N/AN/A-N/AN/A-N/AN/AN/A
Viet Nam------X--
Associate Member
Hong Kong, ChinaX2X3XX3----X

1  Until 20th anniversary 
2  Not later than 2015 
3  2015 or age 20 whichever earlier 
4  As from anniversary date in 2015
5Until 2015 only if they have DB or DS
6 Until 4 April 2006 or age 25, whichever earlier
7From 5 April 2006 or age 25, whichever earlier
8See MEPC/Circ.430

Annex 2

Member StatesMEPC and MEPC.1 circulars
Australia428, 650, 665
Bahamas437, 583, 587, 592, 609, 613, 616, 658, 662
Chile558, 596
EU Member States450, 459, 460, 461, 462, 464, 468, 476, 480, 492, 514, 527, 527.Rev.1, 537, 584, 586
India442, 449, 453, 482, 485, 490, 494, 517, 528, 548
Malaysia488, 521, 628
Marshall Islands455.Rev.1
New Zealand558
Panama454, 500, 526, 545, 573, 581, 616, 620, 626, 628, 632, 634, 647, 652, 656, 658, 668, 691
Republic of Korea441
Russian Federation668, 687, 694
Saint Kitts and Nevis519
United Kingdom (on behalf of Cayman Islands)531
United States430
Viet Nam616
Associate Member 
Hong Kong, China431, 435
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