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793 Implementation of MARPOL Annex VI
Geldigheid:18-10-2012 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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Implementation of MARPOL Annex VI

Type approval of shipboard incinerators

  1. The Marine Environment Protection Committee, at its sixty-fourth session (1 to 5 October 2012), having considered the recommendation of the Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Equipment, decided that incinerators with a capacity greater than 1,500 kW and up to 4,000 kW can be type-approved under the existing Standard specification for shipboard incinerators (resolution MEPC.76(40), as amended by resolution MEPC.93(45)) (MEPC 64/23, paragraph 11.22).

  2. Member Governments are invited to bring the circular to the attention of all parties concerned.
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