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887(21) Establishment, updating and retrieval of the information contained in the registration databases for the global maritime distress and safety system (GMDSS)
Geldigheid:04-02-2000 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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RECALLING Article 15(j) of the Convention on the International Maritime Organization concerning the functions of the Assembly in relation to regulations and guidelines concerning maritime safety,

RECALLING ALSO regulation IV/5-1 of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974, as amended, which requires that each Contracting Government undertakes to ensure that suitable arrangements are made for registering Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) identities and for making information on these identities available to rescue co-ordination centres on a 24-hour basis,

RECOGNIZING the need to continuously update the information contained in the registration databases for the GMDSS,

RECOGNIZING ALSO that the information in such registration databases is essential for search and rescue purposes,

HAVING CONSIDERED the recommendation made by the Maritime Safety Committee at its seventieth session,

1. ADOPTS the Recommendation on the Establishment, Updating and Retrieval of the Information Contained in the Registration Databases for the GMDSS set out in the Annex to the present resolution;

2. RECOMMENDS Governments to ensure that the information contained in the registration databases for the GMDSS and their continuous updating and availability to rescue co-ordination centres is in accordance with the annexed Recommendation;

3. REVOKES resolution A.764(18).

Annex Recommendation on establishment, updating and retrieval of the information contained in the registration databases for the global maritime distress and safety system (GMDSS)

1     &nbspAll identities that may be used for identifying ships in distress should be registered in accordance with this resolution and the data should be updated whenever it changes.

2     &nbspEvery State requiring or allowing the use of these GMDSS systems should make suitable arrangements for ensuring registrations of these identities are made, maintained and enforced.

3      Those responsible for maintaining registration databases for GMDSS equipment should ensure that any MRCC can immediately access the registration data at any time.

4      Means should be provided for the GMDSS equipment licensee, owner or the ship's master to easily and expediently update emergency information in the registration database.

5      All databases for GMDSS equipment should have an identical data format to permit immediate access among each other.

6      All equipment using Maritime Mobile Service Identities (MMSIs) should be registered, if appropriate, with the International Telecommunications Union in accordance with established procedures.

7      All Inmarsat equipment should be registered with Inmarsat.

8      Registration databases should include the following information, noting that the data elements listed are not necessarily those maintained by the radio licensing authority and that not all of the following entries need to be notified to the ITU as long as the national database is identified and is accessible 24-hours per day:
  1. ship name;

  2. Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI);

  3. radio call sign;

  4. EPIRB identification code (if applicable) and its homing frequency;

  5. country (ship flag State; may be derived from MMSI and call sign);

  6. ship identification number (IMO number or national registration number);

  7. brief ship description (type, gross tonnage, ship superstructure, deck colours, identifying marks, etc.);

  8. name, address, telephone and (if applicable) telefax number of emergency contact person ashore;

  9. alternative 24-hour emergency telephone number (alternate contact ashore);

  10. capacity for persons on board (passengers and crew);

  11. radio installations (Inmarsat-A, B, C, M, VHF DSC, etc.) for ship and survival craft;

  12. identification numbers for all radio systems available;

  13. type and number of survival craft; and

  14. date of last modification of database record.
9     &nbspFor 406 MHz satellite Emergency Position Indicating Radiobeacons (EPIRBs), the country of registration should be coded in accordance with one of the following principles:
  1. if the registration database is maintained by the ship's flag State, use the Maritime Identification Digits (MID) of the flag State;
  2. if the registration database is not maintained by the ship's flag State, use:
    1. the MID of the flag State, and inform all concerned where the unique database containing its registry of 406 MHz satellite EPIRBs is located; or
    2. serialized protocol with the MID of the country which is maintaining the database.
10      The data record of ships to which SOLAS chapter IV applies should be reviewed, and the database information should be updated annually. Other ships should be encouraged to update their data records annually or at least every other year.

11      Authorities maintaining or using databases should ensure that information described in paragraphs 8.4, 8.8, 8.9 and 8.12 above supplied for GMDSS equipment registration is used only by appropriate recognized SAR authorities.

12 Every State should:
  1. maintain a suitable national database, or co-ordinate with other States of their geographical area to maintain a joint database; and additionally,
  2. for ships which are using GMDSS frequencies and techniques or which are sailing internationally, ensure that the data records of these ships are notified to an international database (e.g. updated ITU database).
13      States should also:
  1. promulgate clear and timely guidance to manufacturers, agents and users on the appropriate coding, registration and updating procedures;
  2. co-operate closely with other States, manufacturers, owners and organizations to help resolve any registration or information-retrieval problems that may arise;
  3. formalize co-operative arrangements between the parties concerned for the maintenance of the joint database;
  4. encourage manufacturers and distributors to advise customers, upon purchase of GMDSS equipment, about registration requirements, and refer unresolved coding and registration issues to proper national authorities for resolution; and
  5. encourage manufacturers and distributors to educate users about the maintenance of GMDSS equipment.
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