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SPS Code (2008) Decisions and Interpretations
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1 Interpretation Special Personnel (13-07)

Interpretation Special Personnel (13-07)
The NSI defines the following other personnel as to be regarded as mentioned under bullet no. 5 of the definition of Special Personnel, as follows:

  • Activities are carried out on board a ship, which is equipped to carry out offshore activities out of the scope of the MODU code, e.g. maintenance on windmill installations and obviously equipped as such, e.g. cranes, workshops, machinery, storage for components, etc.
  • It is necessary to have these persons on board to conduct maintenance and preparatory activities during transit.
  • Preparatory activities shall be carried out on equipment which is physically on board.

Ships for which it is likely that they are used to transport and accommodate industrial personnel that are not working on board, are excluded / not be considered as Special Purpose Ships.

To request consideration for the above arrangement, the following information shall be submitted to NSI for our approval:

  1. Description of activities of the special personnel, including the parts to be transported.
  2. General arrangement, clearly indicating the spaces where the special personnel is working.

Please note that in the case a vessel is modified to a SPS vessel on acceptable grounds, the complete vessel, including the existing accommodation, should comply with all relevant regulations of the SPS code.

Interpretation of Article 12 of the Regulation Safety Seagoing Vessels

Article 12 of the Regulation Safety Seagoing Vessels requires that ships intended for special purposes, as referred to in the Special Purpose Ships (SPS) Code and the SPS Code 2008, which are built before 02 July 2009, are surveyed and certified in accordance with the provisions of the SPS Code or the SPS Code 2008.
For ships of which the keel was/is laid:

  • before 02 July 2009, Resolution A.534(13) as amended, or the 2008 SPS Code may be applied, and
  • on or after 02 July 2009, the 2008 SPS Code may be applied,

irrespective of the ship has been certified as an SPS ship in the past. Therefore to an existing cargo ship built before 02 July 2009 which is intended to be certified as an SPS ship, Resolution A.534(13), as amended may be applied.

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