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Procedure multiple load lines (13-19)
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Procedure multiple load lines (13-19)
In general it is NSI’s point of view that an ISM procedure is to be established in the vessels’ SMS for the change-over to a different load line. Although it is not NSI’s intention to prescribe the ISM-procedure, it should at least consist of:

  1. Use of changed loadline is to be noted in the ship’s deck log book
  2. Old load line mark to be painted away, new load line mark to be painted visibly
  3. “New Load line” now applies, ILLC and exemption certificate, if any, now apply and to be kept with other certificates
  4. Old ILLC to be kept in the safe on board (not together with other applicable/valid certificates)

The change of ILLC means change of other documentation, e.g. (damage) stability calculations. It is considered of importance that the change of ILLC, and satisfactory completion of this procedure, is reported to the Classification Society for Hull and Machinery.

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