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ItoRO no. 12 - On-board training in the use of davit-launched liferafts
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ItoRO no. 12 rev.1 -  On-board training in the use of davit-launched liferafts

Date Entry Into Force : 01-12-2016


In accordance with SOLAS Chapter III, regulation 19.4.3, on-board training in the use of davit-launched liferafts shall, whenever practicable, include the inflation and lowering of a davit-launched liferaft.

In particular the aspect of inflating the liferaft during such drills seems impracticable, because:

  • A demonstration liferaft for training purposes only is often not available, and;

  • The possibilities to get the liferaft ashore intact after inflation and lowering, and the subsequent transport to a service station, are often limited.

Nevertheless NSI considers the on-board training in the use of davit-launched liferafts imperative from a safety point of view.

As SOLAS does not specify the conditions under which this on-board training should be executed, NSI allows the following alternative of on-board training:

Cargo ships

  1. training in the handling of the Automatic Release Hook (ARH) on board: by securing the ARH on the railing or either an attached ring or shackle similar to the shape and thickness of the ring/shackle of the suspension of the corresponding liferaft, tightening the hoisting wire, setting the automatic release function and releasing the brake of the hoisting wire, and;

  2. providing on board and showing of an instruction video regarding the operation of the davit-launched liferaft. This shall be done every time an on-board training is required and for new crew, and;

  3. On-board training with the davit-launched liferaft should take place once every 4 months.Inflation and lowering of the liferaft during this on-board training may be simulated*.


* Assessment of evidence obtained from instruction or attendance at an in-service experience. The main objective of simulated exercises is to ensure that trainees understand their responsibilities in the operational use of davit-launched liferaft in all safety-relevant aspects and are thoroughly familiar with the system and equipment used.


Passenger ships

See “Cargo ships”, and regularly (with intervals not exceeding 12 months) training in the use of davit-launched liferafts, including the inflation and lowering of the liferaft.

Clear evidence of training with davit-launched liferafts (including the above provisions), either by ship’s log or e.g. training records, shall be available to the Recognized Organization.

Any other alternative deviating from the provisions described above shall be acknowledged by NSI.


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