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ItoRO no. 04 - Reducing engine power
Geldigheid:01-08-2006 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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No. 4 - Reducing engine power

Under the Ships decree 1965 ('Schepenbesluit 1965') there was a possibility to reduce the propulsion power of sea going ships in order to realise a reduction in the required manning. Article 1 made it possible to reduce the power with not more then 25% and use the resulting value as the basis for the Safe Manning Plan.

The Ships decree 2004 ('Schepenbesluit 2004') which came into force on Januari 1st, 2005 does not offer this possibility.
From that date on it is no longer allowed to use a reduced propulsion power as a basis for the Safe Manning Plan.
It is the normal procedure that the propulsion power, which is mentioned on the Machinery Certificate as issued by the Recognised Organisation (RO), is used as the basis for the Safe Manning Plan / Certificate. For that reason the RO shall state in the Machinery Certificate the full propulsion power according to the following definition:

    The maximum power expressed in kiloWatt (kW) that the propulsion engine(s) can deliver without overloading for an unlimited time span, based on data provided by the manufacturer. Deduction due to auxiliary machinery that is driven by the propulsion engine(s) is not allowed. Existing ships for which a reduced propulsion power has been determined before Januari 1st, 2005 by or on behalf of the Head of the Shipping Inspectorate can continue to use this reduced power under the same conditions as before Januari 1st, 2005.

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