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02 Authorisation for non-convention surveys based on art 3.7 of the agreement
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No. 2 - Authorisation for non-convention surveys based on art 3.7 of the agreement

By agreement of June 1st 2006 the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate has permanently authorized the recognized organizations (RO's) that are party to this agreement to carry out certain surveys and issue certain certificates (see annex I to the agreement and the appendix for a complete list) based on the International Conventions. According to the afore-mentioned agreement the authorization enters into force on August 1st 2006.

In addition to that authorization and under article 3.7 of the agreement, the NSI permanently authorizes the RO's in question to perform on existing ships all non-convention surveys related to radio installations, safety equipment, loadline, pollution prevention, and declarations. This authorization takes effect from August 1st 2006.

Instructions with regard to these surveys have been summarized on the website www.ivw.nl.

For new-building ships all non-convention surveys will be carried out by NSI or, according to article 3.7 of the agreement, by the RO when mutually agreed on a case by case basis.

The letter with reference Met 20050307-01, dated March 7th 2005 is withdrawn as of August 1st 2006.

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