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Guidelines on monitoring and assessment of transboundary groundwaters

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UN/ECE Task Force on Monitoring& Assessment



These guidelines are intended to assist ECE governments and joint bodies in developing rules for the setting up and operation of systems for transboundary groundwater monitoring and assessment. The target group comprises decision makers and planners in ministries, organisations and institutions responsible for environmental, water or hydrogeological issues and all those who are also responsible for managing transboundary groundwaters. The guidelines also aim to provide advice to those who are responsible for or involved in the development of sustainable water management schemes.



64 p.
app., fig., tab.
(Work Programme 1996-1999)
Members of the guidance-committee for RWS, RIZA: J.J. Ottens, G.E. Arnold and J.G. Timmerman
Also published in Russian
With ref.
ISBN 9036953154

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