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Policy analysis of water management for the Netherlands [ PAWN ] : Volume XV

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Rand corporation; [in coop. with Delft Hydraulics Laboratory Waterloopkundig Laboratorium ]; prepared for [and with] Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, Rijkswaterstaat



The Distribution Model simulates the flow of cooling-water in the water mangement network and calculates the effects of thermal discharges. This information is passed on to the Electric Power Reallocation and Cost Model (EPRAC), which calculates the additional costs to the power companies attributable to the thermal standards.



20 vol.
fig., tab. ; 28 cm
Publ. under contract with Rijkswaterstaat, Directie Waterhuishouding en Waterbeweging (RWS, WW). - With ref. Vol. XV : Electric power reallocation and cost model / D.L. Jaquette J.W. Pulles. - March 1982. - XVII, 78 p. - (Rand note ; N-1500 / 15 NETH)

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