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Phytoplankton cells, their nutrient contents, mineralisation and sinking rates : literature research

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Waterloopkundig Laboratorium = Delft Hydraulics Laboratory, and Amsterdam University, Limnological Laboratory



This report deals with the results of an extensive literature research to the contents of nitrogen, phosphorus, silicon and chlorophyll in phytoplankton cells, the mineralization rates of nitrogen, phosphorus and silicon from phytoplankton cells and the sinking rates of phytoplankton cells. This research project is part of an extensive assignment by the Environmental division of the Delta Department to Delft Hydraulics Laboratory in order to develop ecological models, which can serve as tools in providing adequate guide-lines for environmental management in the (future) water basins in the Delta area. This multidisciplinary project, called Water Basin Model (WABASIM) is carried out in close co-operation between the Environmental division of the Delta Department and the Environmental Hydraulics Branche of the Delft Hydraulics Laboratory.



20 p.
17 p. tab., 38 p. literature ; 30 cm
R1310. - The literature research was performed by M. Lingeman Kosmerchock of the Limnological Laboratory of the University of Amsterdam, in coop. with F.J. Los of the Delft Hydraulics Laboratory.

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