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Past and future sea level rise in the Netherlands and its impacts : part of the EPOC project: Climate change, sea level rise and associated impacts in Europe

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Ministry of Transport Public Works and Water Management = Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, Rijkswaterstaat, Tidal Waters Division = Dienst Getijdewateren en Survey Department = Meetkundige Dienst (RWS, MD); J.G. de Ronde, D. Dillingh and W. Groenewoud



First the analysis of tide gauge measurements of the Netherlands are presented, where noise reduction by using air pressure data showed very good results. Then the determination of the contribution of land subsidence tot sea level is dealt with. Finally the uncertainties involved in sea level rise and changes in storminess are described and how to deal with it in the design of coastal protections.



31 p.
fig., tab. ; 30 cm
Report DGW-93.027. - MD-TNO-R-93.021. - With ref.

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