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A dynamic network equilibrium model with elastic demand : pilot-study

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Moshe Ben-Akiva, Rudi Hamerslag, Eric Kroes; Hague Consulting Group Technical University Delft



This report describes a pilot-study addressing the time-dynamic aspects of car traffic in congested networks. The objective of the pilot-study was to develop and apply a preliminary version of a practical dynamic equilibrium model for simulating car traffic in congested motorway networks. The simulation model was developed by taking twee existing model components, modifying these and combining them into one integrated simulation model. The resulting model consists of two main parts: a three-dimensional equilibrium assignment model and a departure time choice model. The report describes how the model works, and how a number of simulations were carried out to test it and to illustrate how it performs.



47 p.
fig., tab. ; 30 cm
Ref.: p. 35 - Study commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat, Dienst Verkeerskunde (DVK). - Project manager J. van der Waard

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