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A comparison of logistics strategies and structures of freight flows of grocery retailers in four European countries

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P. Huijbregts, B.J.P. Janssen, L. Simons



This report is the synthesis of the four national monographs on the logistics strategies and systems of the food retail industry in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Presents some basic data indicating different starting points for the different retail industries and identifies the main elements that have driven, inhibited and enabled retailers to pursue their logistics strategies in retailing in the respective countries. Furthermore, an overview is given of the core logistical strategies, including their rationalisations and integration strategies. Discusses the resulting logistical systems and structures and their spatial effects and goes into the effects in terms of the environment (e.g. vehicle kilometres), mobility etc. resulting from changes in retail logistics. Finally, some future developments regarding teleshopping are discussed.



52 p.
fig., tab., app.
In opdracht van het Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, Projectbureau Integrale Verkeers- en Vervoerstudies (PbIVVS)

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