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Bank protection of Saratov Reservoir : Volga River from Samara to Balakovo#fact-finding mission report

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The Saratov Reservoir is part of the Volga-Kama cascade of reservoirs built for the generation of electric power and regulation of the Volga River. Gives the preliminary findings of the mission. First a general description of the hydrological an morphological conditions prevailing in the Saratov Reservoir area is given with a focus on the appreciation of the reservoir bank erosion problems. Next the general design criteria relevant to bank protection works is discussed. Based on this some typical bank protection designs are proposed including an environmentally friendly alternative. Ice loads are discussed in chapter 6 followed by a technical appreciation on protection works as carried out is given together with proposals for possible improvements. The special ecological problems resulting from the shallows created by the erosion of the banks is dealt with separately as well as a brief discussion on the possibilities for legislation on environmental protection. Finally conclusions and recommendations are presented in the last chapter.



39 p.
ill., app.
In order to the Government of the Russian Federaition, Saratov Reservoir Board

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