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River Waal at Sint Andries : Improvement of the navigability conditions bij means of a fixed layer

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N. Struiksma, M.M. Laguzzi and J.G.H. Bremer; Delft Hydraulics



Concrete plans have been proposed to improve the navigability conditions of the river Waal within the scope of the project Hoofdtransportas Waal. The idea of constructing a fixed bottom-layer came up as a solution for the serious navigation restrictions present in the Sint Andries river bend (km 926) during low-water periods. This plan should be checked on its feasibility and the influence on the bed topography of the river Waal between km 922 and 933 should be estimated. From the analysis of the tested designs it can be concluded that only the building of a fixed layer is insufficient to improve the navigation conditions along the whole reach of interest up to requirements of the Hoofdtransportas Waal Project : minimum navigable width of 170 m for a minimum navigable depth of 2.80 m below OLW'92 reference level which is exceeded 95% of the time (340 days per year)



IV, 23 p.
fig. ; 30 cm
Q1788. - Prepared for Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management = Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, Rijkswaterstaat, Directie Gelderland

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