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fourier analysis of temporal NDVI in the Southern African and American Continents : final report

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S. Azzali, M. Menenti; Winand Staring Centre-DLO



The decomposition of complex time series of images in simpler periodic components by Fourier analysis allowed the factors taht affect the vegetation cover to be analysed much easier. The project provided the first detailled and quantitative climatology of the response of vegetation cover on the continental scale of southern Africa over a period of ten years. The more detailled studies in Argentina and Zambia gave results of practical relevance to agricultural monitoring. Numeric classification methods are improved by applying performance indices and aspects of the fuzzy sets theory.



151 p.
(Report / BCRS ; 95-23). - BCRS project 4.2/AO-06. - (Report / Winand Staring ; 108). - Ref. - summary
Ingesteld door de minister van Verkeer en Waterstaat op 29 mei 1986,
(Stcrt. 1986, nr. 223)

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