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Design of the procedures for current capacity estimation and travel time and congestion monitoring : GERDIEN : General European Road Data Information Exchange Network : DRIVE-II project number V2044, deliverable no 9, technical annex 2 (revised), workpackage no. SP6.WP2& SP6.WP3

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TNO Institute of Infrastructure and Spatial Organization (INRO); Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat, Transport Research Centre (RWS, AVV); B. van Arem, M.J.M. van der Vlist, J.C.C. de Ruiter, M. Muste, S.A. Smulders



The development of an integrated and open communication architecture for the roadwork is one crucial part towards an Integrated Road Transport Environment (IRTE). This document gives a functional design of the NSMP (Network State Monitoring and Prediction) system. It describes the following functional components: 'get new measurements', 'current capacity estimation' and 'travel time and congestion monitoring'.



II, 65 p.
TNO report 94/NV/230
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Report for the Commission of the European Communities (CEC)

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