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Program documentation of MIXIC 1.3

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G.F. Zegwaard, B. van Arem; TNO, INRO Centre for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development



This document is meant for future programmers om MIXIC (MICroscopic model for Simulation of Intelligent Cruise control). This program documentation gives a brief view of the structure of the microscopic motorway traffic simulation model MIXIC 1.3. It is also a reference of the code, when examining a module, the other modules can be looked upon as black boxes exporting certain functions and types, all described in this manual.



121 p.
Report 97/NV/020
Research commisioned by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat), Directorate-General of Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat, RWS), Transport Research Centre (Adviesdienst Verkeer en Vervoer, AVV)
Project manager H. Schuurman

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