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A plan for the improvement of the role, position and organization of dynamic traffic management as a subject of research within the Ministry of Transport and Water Management : final report

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Moira J. Cameron; Rotterdam School of Management



A 15 week study was carried out with the aim of making recommendations for improvements in the organisation of the Dynamic Traffic Management group and in its performance as a research and advisory group within Rijkswaterstaat. The strengths and weaknesses of the DVM group are looked into. Based on this the following recommendations are made: develop and implement strategies on the technical, administrative and institutional levels ; improve its communication effectiveness both internally and externally ; take steps to move from being product oriented to being market oriented (and eventually societally market oriented) ; organize it structurally according to the work areas of the customers.



46 p.
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With ref. - Study ordered by the Ministry of Transport and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), Dienst Verkeerskunde (DVK) Afdeling CXT. - Rapport 92040.rap

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