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Optimizing traffic lights controllers with volutionary algorithms : project report: 2nd phase

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Center for Applied Systems Analysis (CASA); Center for Natural Computing Leiden (LCNC); Th. Bäck ... [et al.]



The main objective of the project is to improve the flow of vehicles at intersections by applying an evolutionary algorithm to optimize the control of traffic lights. Realization of such an advanced traffic light control is to be done in vitro, that is by computer simulations and not by implementing a controller in vino, at a real intersection. The project is divided into two phases. The first phase is a feasibility study, the second is a tool development phase. This report describes phase 2.



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On behalf of the Ministry of Transport , Public Works and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat, Transport Research Centre [=Adviesdienst Verkeer en Vervoer] (RWS, AVV)
Project management H. Taale

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