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Transport and water quality modelling in the Southern North Sea in relation to coastal pollution research and control

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J.A. van Pagee H. Gerritsen, W.P.M. de Ruijter; Delft Hydraulics Laboratory [ Waterloopkundig Laboratorium Delft]; [Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat], Rijkswaterstaat, [Dienst Getijdewateren [RWS, DGW ]]



The water quality in the Dutch coastal zone and German Bight area is shown to be highly determined by local pollution loads from the river Rhine, Weser, and Elbe respectively. Comparison of simulated concentrations for 1980 with those resulting from simulations with estimated natural river inputs, shows that more than 50 % of nutrients and heavy metal concentrations originate from human activities in large coastal zone areas. From toxicological information and standards, it is concluded that Cd, Hg and Cu are substances that need special attention in pollution research and control for the Dutch coastal waters.



Reprint from: Water Science and Technology. - Vol. 18 (1986), 4/5 p. 245-256. - Presented at: Estuarine and Coastal Pollution Detection, Research and Control, IAWPRC / NERC Specialised Conference, Plymouth, UK 16-19 July 1985. - Published as Delft Hydraulics Communication ; 361. - With ref.

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