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A system of mathematical models for the simulation of morphological processes in the coastal area

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S. Boer, H.J. de Vriend and H.G. Wind; Delft Hydraulics laboratory Waterloopkundig Laboratorium



A compound mathematical model (COMOR) is being developed. The model is very flexible; it can be composed according to the specific demands of the problem which is considered. So far the model is being applied in the advisory practice to predict initial morphological changes. Recent experiences have shown that the modelis quite useful, although at present the knowledge of the individual coastal processes and their interactions is still insufficient to utilize it optimally. However, it is foreseen that in the near future such mathematical models will become a powerful tool in coastal engineering.



17 p.
fig. ; 30 cm.
With ref. - Presented at the 19 th International Conference on Coastal Engineering, 3-7 September 1984, Houston(Publication ; 355)

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