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Sorption of zinc on suspended particles along a salinity gradient : a laboratory study using Rhine material

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W.J.M. Hegeman, C.H. van der Weijden, J.J.G. Zwolsman



The adsorption of zinc on suspended matter from the river Rhine has been studied. High rates of adsorption were apparant during the first stages of the experiments (hours), but during the next few days adsorption kinetics were much slower. In subsequent experiments, desorption of previously adsorbed Zn was investigated in solutions of different salinities. These experiments showed that the largest desorption effect occurs in the low salinity range. It was also found that the adsorption reaction is not completely reversible. The results indicate that desorption of Zn is to be expected in an estuary due to the presence of a salinity gradient.



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Financed by the Dutch Ministry of Transport and Public Works, Tidal Water Division = Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat Rijkswaterstaat, Dienst Getijdewateren (RWS, DGW)
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