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Sediment transport, sediment concentrations and bedforms in simulated asymmetric wave conditions : experimental study in the large oscillating water tunnel of Delft Hydraulics : part IV

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Jan S. Ribberink and Abdullah Al-Salem; Delft Hydraulics Waterloopkundig Laboratorium



The results of two series of experiments with regular and irregular asymmetric waves are presented. The primary aim of the experiments was to verify a number of existing relationships for wave-carried sediment transport for a wide range of conditions in the natural parameter range. Moreover, closely related subjects as (wave-averaged) sediment concentrations and bedform behaviour were studied during the same experiments. Attention is paid to the phenomenon of wave-asymmetry as driving mechanism for sediment transport. A range of relevant experimental conditions is determined and the possibilities in the large oscillating water tunnel are studied. The experimental set-up and test prgramme are explained. The results of the measurements are presented and analyzed, and conclusions and recommendations for future research are given.



32, [126] p.
ill. ; 30 cm
H840. - Prep. for Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat Rijkswaterstaat, Dienst Getijdewateren (RWS, DGW). - Part of the Coastal Genesis Research Program (= Project Kustgenese). - With ref.

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