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Rhine plume experiment : data report Holland surveys, October 1990 integrated modelling and measurement of physical controlled fluxes and plankton dynamics in the coastal sea

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W.G. Bos, A.W. Visser, C. Heins, G.J. Kollé, P.C. Beukenkamp Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, Rijkswaterstaat, Tidal Waters Division = Dienst Getijdewateren



The PROFILE project is designed to examine the role played by regions of freshwater influence (ROFI's) in European shelf seas. The Rhine outflow is recognised as being a major influence on the hydrodynamics of the North Sea, having nog only a significant effect on the cirulatation, but also in the transport and dispersion of nutrients, sediments, pollutants and planktonic biota. In this report the results are presented of ship surveys and mooring deployments in October and November 1990, conducted by Rijkswaterstaat along the Netherlands coastal zone in the Rhine discharge plume. Results are presented both in original and processed form. Mooring results are presented as time series, and ship survey data both as vertical and horizontal quasi-synoptic views.



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+ App. B to I Report DGW-92.020. - Contract MAST-0050-C. - Part of the MAST project PROFILE. - With ref.

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