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Innovative Concepts in Navigation Lock Design and Gate Contact Aspects

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R.A. Daniel ; Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Watermamagement (RWS, DI); R. Philippe ; University of Liège, Belgium



This paper presents the new report n&deg;106 of PIANC InCom WG29 on Innovations in Navigation Lock Design, published by PIANC in August 2009, as well as some additional contributions on lock gates (gate contact technology). The paper highlights the main objectives and issues of his PIANC report with a specific emphasis on gates and specifically on the contact aspects. Locks are key structures for the development of the navigation in canals and in natural rivers where weirs regulate water levels to enable navigation. They may also be strategic infrastructure for port development. The core of this report has three major parts. The first part presents an exhaustive list of design goals associated with locks. This section is particularly important for decision makers who have to launch a new project. The second part reviews the design principles that must be considered by designers. This section is methodologically oriented. The third part is technically oriented. All main technical aspects (hydraulics, structures, foundations, including computational aspects, etc.) are reviewed, focussing on changes and innovations occurring since 1986. Perspectives and trends for the future are also listed. When appropriate, recommendations are listed.<br />It is impossible to give the details of all lock innovation areas in this paper. As an example, the lock gates and, in particular, the modern views on their contact issues have been chosen. These new solutions are welcome to limit the maintenance and to extend the service life of lock gates.



Paper Seminar Port Infrastructure, Delft, June 2010

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