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Facts about cycling in the Netherlands : including appendice: Facts about walking in the Netherlands

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Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten, Afdeling Sociaal-Geografisch en Bestuurskundig Onderzoek (VNG, SGBO)



This brochure gives information in the following order: -information on recent national developments in the area of traffic and transport as context for cycling policy in The Netherlands (chapter 1); -general national information that relates strongly to traffic and transport (chapter 2) -information on the development of bicycle ownership relative to ownership of other modes of transport and the availibility of public transport, and information on the infrastructure for cyclists and other road users (chapter 3); -information on the use of the bicycle relative to other modes of transport (chapter 4); -information on the undesirable social side effects of traffic and transport relative to the bicycle (chapter 5). Appendix I provides aeperate information on walking as principal mode of travel, as acces to and from other principal modes of transport. The relation between walking as principal mode of travel and road safety.



53 p.
Commission by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, RWS, AVV, VERDI
Project management K. Gort, B.I. van Schijndel

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