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Hindcast of the 8 and 9 november 2007 storm for the tidal inlet of Ameland

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A.J. Smale ; Witteveen+Bos (W+B) ; Deltares



This report describes the hindcast of the storm that occurred on November 8th and 9th 2007. This storm can be characterised as a severe storm. Wind speeds around the Wadden Sea reached up to 20 m/s from a northwesterly direction. The storm resulted in a very high storm surge, leading to water levels of more than NAP +3.0 m inside the Wadden Sea, which is considered exceptionally high. Also, the wave heights and periods at the deep water stations of Schiermonnikoog Noord and Eierlandse Gat were very high. So far, this hindcast features the highest water levels in the Amelander Inlet. Compared to Royal Haskoning (2008) the wind direction of this storm is more to the north (approximately 320°N).



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