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Validation of the Friction After Polishing test in accordance with pr EN 12697-49:2011

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P. Kuijper ; Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu, Rijkswaterstaat (IenM, RWS)



The new contract types now being used by the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (DPW) provide the contractor with more freedom and responsibility in its choice of products offered. DPW prescribes the function of a particular product, but does not describe in detail what the product should be. With regard to the functional requirement “Wet skid resistance of road surface upon opening”, the Superstructure Component Requirements version of 1.7 van 14 september 2012 state that the surfacing of the (porous) road section to be opened to traffic should have a wet skid resistance of at least 0.44 (measuringmethode 2010/70). Over the remainder of its service life, the wet skid resistance of closed surfacing should be at least 0.39 and the wet skid resistance of open surfacing should be at least 0.42. This report describes the validation of the FAP-test (Determination of Friction After Polishing conform pr EN 12697-49:2011). This test determines resistance against polishes of the entire asphalt mix and not merely a fraction of the mineral aggregate. The validation is performed on both PA 0/16 mixes and AC 0/16 SURF mixes. The study showed that the FAP[90] value of the cored specimens from the hard shoulder differentiates between good and poor road sections. This quantification into good and poor is based on the relationship between the traffic intensity and the age of the road section on the one hand and the current skid resistance of the road section measured in the right rut of the right lane on the other.



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