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Playing with complexity : management and organisation of large infrastructure projects : proefschrift Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam : Spelen met complexiteit : management en organisatie van grote infrastructurele projecten

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Hertogh, M.J.C.M.; Westerveld, E.



The need for mobility in current society seems to be ever growing. At the same time we notice that the large infrastructure projects set-up to meet this need, often produce disappointing results in terms of costs (increases) and schedule (overruns); as well as stakeholder dissatisfaction. To overcome this conflict, management quality in the delivery of large infrastructure projects needs to improve. In their thesis, six major European projects have been investigated and approaches are set out to deal with the complexity that underlies the problem.

Based on their findings, the authors construct an approach, which in their view offers the best chance of success in the management of these large projects: dynamic management. Dynamic management is based on an intricate balance between control and interaction. In addition, dynamic management embraces 5 X-factors that are keys in the successful management of complexity in LIPs.




ISBN 97890810025330
395 p.

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