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Monitoring and Modellin of a shoreface nourishment : VOP Short Term Morphology

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D.J.R. Walstra, C, Briere, A.B. Cohen. A.P. van Dongeren, I.J.P. Elshoff, C. Hoyng, M. van Ormondt, S. Quartel, D. de Sonneville, P.K. Tonnen. L. Uunk ; WL|Delft Hydraulics



Within the VOP Short term morphological project an integrated approach was used to study the 2004 shoreface nourishment at Egmong in the Netherlands. The primary goal of the study was to increase our knowlegde on the effects that shoreface nourishments have on the coast on time scales of weeks (storms) to years (cyclic bar behaviour). To achieve this research goals it is imperative to use a number of techniques/tools which together allow us to study the behaviour on all desired times scales. The adopted method aims at combining the results in such a way that an integral view on the behaviour of a nourished coast is obtained. Works has focussed on five areas: 1. Literature review 2. Data analysis of the 2004 shoreface nourishments at Egmond. 3. Application of Argus/Beach Wizard to obtain a high temporal resolution of the morphodynamics response 4. Calibration and application of a Delft3D model on the Egmond shoreface nourishments 5. Physical experiment investigating various shoreface nourishments designs in WL | Delft Hydraulics Scheldt flume The innovative part of the model is that the data analysis and the modelling are integrated so tha a consistent and complimentary set of results form the basis of the study. This is especially important for the evaluaion on the various time scales as a consisent integration enables us to put together analysis techniques that operae (or vare valid) on diffenrent time scales.



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Prepared for Rijkswaterstaat, Rijksinistuut voor Kust en Zee

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