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Is there a green solution for a blue-green problem leading to clear blue water? : results of the expert evaluation of model calculations on management scenarios to eradicate cyanobacteria from the Volkerak-Zoommeer area

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Luca van Duren, Paul Boers, Ies de Vries ; Rijkswaterstaat



The Administrative Consultation Krammer-Volkerak (BOKV) has commissioned a study into which adaptations in the current infrastructure would be most effective in reducing the problem of the annual toxic blooms of blue-green algae in the Volkerak-Zoommeer. From the several available scenarios a limited number have been selected for extensive model calculations. On 12 and 13 October 2006 a workshop was held in Delft to assess the quality and applicability of these model calculations. The workshop was attended by the main parties involved in the previously mentioned studies and four external experts. This report details the outcome of this expert review.


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