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Hydrodynamic validation of Delft3D using data from the SandyDuck97 experiments

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J. van der Werf ; Deltares



Describes a hydrodynamic validation of Delft3D using data from the SandyDuck97 field measurements. 46 different cases are modelled with Delft3D; both in two-dimensional horizontal (2DH) and in three-dimensional (3D) mode. Measured and computed wave heights and current velocities are compared along a cross-shore transect across the surf zone. The sensitivity of the 2DH runs to the Chézy roughness coefficient, horizontal background viscosity, breaker delay and wave breaker coefficient has been investigated. Furthermore, the effect of the number and distribution of the vertical computational layers and the vertical turbulence model have been studied with the 3D model. Finally, the results from the 2DH and 3D model are intercompared.



40 p.
Prepared for: Rijkswaterstaat Waterdienst
Report Z4582.17

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